Cabin In The Woods

Something I wish I loved, but I can’t help but hate: Horror Films. I can watch a scary movie only if I’m with at least one person who isn’t a big fat baby like me so I can hide behind them during, well, the scary parts.

Something I actually love: vacations with friends!

Combine a group of good friends, alcohol, and a cabin in the middle of nowhere and you will get the plot to 50% of all the horror movies ever made literally ever.*


To celebrate her 27th birthday one of my besties, Sarah, invited a group of 10 to stay at a quaint and adorable log cabin located in Lakewood, NY (right by Lake Chautauqua AND Southern Tier Brewery!). Sounds fun, right?!  It was fun, but send a bunch of city  slicker millennials down poorly lit roads on a Friday night to a cabin with a long dirt driveway and paranoia will naturally ensue.

With Joel’s median speed of 83 on the highway, we were the first people to arrive at the Lily Pad- an ex Bed and Breakfast turned AirBnb. We turned into the driveway and both let out a big fat “NOOOOPE”. We refused to be the first ones to knock on the door, we refused to be the first to die in this real life horror movie! But curiosity eventually got the better of us and Joel drove forward. As content as we were just playing on our iPhones in the car, I soon heard the screen door slam and footsteps coming toward us…. THEN OLD MAN RIVERS HIMSELF CLAWED HIS WAY INTO MY CAR… “and, oh wait, you’re name is Mike? And that’s your cat Tiger? Okay, you can give us a tour of your home.”


Long story short, none of us got murdered, but it was pretty fun to sit with our friends and talk about the weekend turning into to something spooky. In the horror movie version of it all, I would probably be the first to die, being the busty blonde who hates running. When the sun rose Saturday morning, we saw just how cute the Lily Pad was. We were hardly scared at all anymore!




On another note… Southern Tier Brewery is amazing! Pumking Beer is so tasty, how had I never had it before?! Oh, it’s $100 a case? That’s why.



*not literally.

Today marks the first day of Fall. Finally. If you don’t have plans for your weekend, might I suggest getting yourself some Pumpkin Spice something and getting cozy and watching Tucker and Dale VS Evil on Netflix. It’s the perfect anti-horror movie and the perfect thing to do to wring in the new season. Cheers!

Photos by Jamie and Nick

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