The thing about bridesmaids is… I had 9. Yeah, I ah, I did slightly over commit to the whole bridesmaids thing. Turns out I am probably more comfortable with 6. It’s a lot, a lot of estrogen to deal with.

Just kidding. Even though we had a big bridal party, we could have easily added 3 more people to each side. I have 3 sisters, a cousin who is practically a sister, 2 sisters-in-law, and best friends who I needed to be with me, so a big bridal party was pretty inevitable for us. I mean, I totally get why couples getting married completely opt our of having bridesmaids/groomsmen, but I needed to be able to have multiple people worship the ground as I walked on it on my wedding day. Plus, go big or go home, ya know?



The morning of our wedding was a big help each other/ hang out sesh. I curled Christina’s hair and Jess did my makeup. The girls helped each other put on eyelashes, zip up dresses, and buckle shoes, all the while sharing one bottle of pink champagne that we had to drink very slowly so it could make an appearance in the pictures (“just drink the vodka I got you, ladies”).








I love that having your bridesmaids pick their own dresses is, like, a thing. With a big bridal party, I knew I wouldn’t like the look of one dress on all of the girls. WHAT WOMAN ACTUALLY WANTS TO WEAR THE SAME EXACT THING AS 8 OTHERS ANYWAY?! I did not send my Bride Tribe a swatch of a color or anything like that either, but simply asked that they wear something in the Blush Pink family and just have fun with it (with the exception of my maid/matron of honor, who both wore gold). For the sake of photos, I wanted as many different lengths and textures as possible, but mostly I wanted them to be themselves!

There were maxi dresses, mini dresses, tea length dresses, and a jumpsuit. There was vintage silk, crochet, sequins, chiffon, and feathers. Rachel wore pearls, Amy wore her everyday David Yurman, Allie wore hoops, Laura and Jess wore dainty gold, and Christina borrowed a statement necklace from yours truly. Annie wore clogs, Rebekah wore flats, and Bessie wore glittery stripper heels. I cannot even tell  you how much I loved how each and every one of these women looked. They are all so ridiculously beautiful inside and out.






I really want say a big fat thank you to my bridesmaids. YOU B-WORDS ARE THE B-EST.









Photos by Leann Christine Photography

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