Much Ado About Nada


It’s pretty crazy that I’ve been doing this whole blog thing for a little over four years now. For the first time since I started, my equation is off…. I have these great pictures from a photoshoot my cousin and I did in Houston the other day, but nothing to say about them or anything else, BUT I want to keep up with posting stuff consistently so here’s a whole lot about nothing:




  • Ever since Joel and I got married 4 months ago, people have been asking us when we’ll expand our family (my mom actually ordered us to “HAVE BABIES ALREADY!”). Don’t you worry people, we plan to get cats soon!
  • I’ve been interviewing for new jobs and the process is really fun.
  • It’s mid-September so we’re definitely already planning what we want to dress as for our annual Halloween party this year. My friend Jess said that the year Joel and I stop doing a couple’s costume is the year our marriage is in trouble.
  • Fall TV shows I’m most excited to start up again: Homeland, Shameless, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin.
  • Joel and I have finally started a weekly budget and my favorite thing is going grocery shopping at Aldi with him.
  • Living up north has spoiled me as far as actual seasons go, and I don’t think I could ever live in Texas again.
  • My actual hair is almost as long as my hair extensions and sometimes, before we leave the house, Joel does a head check to see if I’m wearing them.
  • Let me just say, our first Thanksgiving as a married couple is gonna be TURNT.
  • My head and throat hurt.
  • Am I getting sick?
  • I can’t get sick, we’re going to upstate New York this weekend.
  • I’m gonna go make a smoothie.



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