Taste of Toronto


Ohhhhh, Canada. Our home and native land! I do not knowwww the words to the rest of your anthem, but I’ll keep writing while I hum the tune in my head….

When I used to think of Canada, I’d think: moose, maple syrup, Sidney Crosby, cold, north, Tim Horton’s, Molson, eh?, “that’s not bacon, that’s ham”, and the slang term “buncha hosers”. Now, having been there, I think of the coolest city I’ve been to in North America. That’s right… Toronto > NYC, San Francisco, New Orleans, Austin, Santa Fe, Boulder, and all of my other previous favorites.



Even though we had been wanting to visit Toronto over Labor Day weekend for a while, the actual booking of an airbnb didn’t happen until the week of. Since we procrastinated so badly, I didn’t expect to get that great of a place and was pleasantly surprised when we booked this bad boy. DAT VIEW DOE.

My Instagram friend and local Torontonian, Blythe, gave me great recommendations of places to eat and go in Toronto, which did not disappoint…







Blythe had mentioned an area of town called Queen West (located on Queen St West) that is Toronto’s hipster central. It is THE MOST hipster part of any town we’ve ever been to, and we’ve spent a good amount of time in Brooklyn so that’s saying a lot. I’m not saying this like it’s a bad thing, though. Yes, hipsters are sometimes the bane of my existence, but those kids know what’s cool. I’ve never been to such a highly concentrated area of coolness. Cool bars, cool clothing stores both new and used, cool vintage and modern furniture shops, cool places to eat, cool, cool, cool. Mid-century modern + street art everywhere you look! I was overwhelmed by the coolness of it all!


Downtown T-town is also great. Also- the weather… let’s talk about the weather for a second. We spent the weekend in Toronto immediately after I had spent 5 days in South Texas, so the weather up was absolutely perfect in comparison to sweating my ass off in San Antonio. But, anyway, downtown gets 2 thumbs up in my book.


When my husband went on a family trip to Toronto as a kid, he and his family went on a sailboat and loved every second of it. We went on a 2 hour sailing trip around lake Ontario, which was a nice and relaxing way to give my poor blistered feet a break from all the walking we had been doing. Plus I got to say things like “we’re on a boat”, “boats and hoes”, and “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”. I’M NOT ANNOYING.



It was really great getting to go to a foreign city with one of our favorite fellow married couples, the Kishes. Joel and Jason went to college together and we spent most of the weekend quoting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and laughing our butts off- never a bad thing!




Do I even need to mention how nice and hospitable everyone in this city seemed to be?! Is that just typical Canada? With only a 5 hour drive from Pittsburgh, it’s safe to assume we will be back in Toronto ASAP.

photos by Joel Blumer and Rachel Kish.

8 thoughts on “Taste of Toronto

  1. Hi Sarah!
    As a proud Canadian reader of your blog, I’m glad you liked Toronto! However if you want a real Canadian hipster experience, try Vancouver next. I might be biased because I live there, but Vancouver is cleaner, better weather, and friendlier than Toronto. You can get the ocean, mountains, boutiques, bars, and the largest park in North America, Stanley Park all within 5 minutes of each other. West Coast = Best Coast. Anyway, I love reading your blog and glad you had a good enough experience in Canada to blog about it!



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