A Few Of Our Favorite Things


One of the things Joel and I talked about when we were planning the fun little details of our wedding, was our intention to make our day totally unique to us. We added a ton of personalized touches everywhere. In a later post, I will share more of the DIY side of our wedding, but for now, here’s how we incorporated a few of our favorite things…. From the obvious to the hidden, these silly concepts really gave our wedding that Joel and Sarah punch we were aiming for.

MEAN GIRLS– I knew we were going to have a sweetheart table, so I thought it’d be funny to have a custom garland sign made to let everyone else know that they can’t sit with us. Also loving how the aqua blue letters pop against the gold sequin table cloth (both purchased on Etsy).



IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA- If you didn’t already know that we were adding tidbits from Sunny, you probably missed them. First of all, we had our rings engraved with an Always Sunny quote that totally pertains to marriage. Secondly-we didn’t plan this- when my Matron of Honor gave her speech, she nervously dry heaved just like Sweet Dee!




GAME OF THRONES- This is probably my favorite personalized thing we did for our wedding… Our friend Nick, a talented music teacher (and blogger!),  greeted our guests with the sweet sounds of acoustic versions of the Game Of Thrones theme song and The Rains Of Castamere (also from GOT). Nick also played some Bowie and Queen and he grew an epic year long beard just for us! Joel and I didn’t get to hear Nick’s playing at the wedding, but I got a preview of it at our book club the week beforehand. Thanks again, Nick!


HARRY POTTER- I’ve been an HP fan for a longggg time, but we didn’t really have a big Harry Potter thing planned… We did, however, refer to the bridal room- where I hid from Joel before the ceremony and all of my girls kept their belongings- as The Chamber Of Secrets. Whatever, I’m counting it.


LEGO- Joel LOVES Legos! He had a Lego themed birthday party when he turned 27! When he showed me that you can order personalized Lego cake toppers on Etsy, I was alllll about that.


STAR WARS- The last and certainly the most obvious of our favorite things: Star Wars! It was everywhere! Joel handmade a giant marquee sign that says “May The Four(teen)th Be With You”. He worked so hard on it and we love how it turned out! We had Storm Trooper masks floating around on the dance floor (thanks, Christina!) and my oldest friend, Kat, wore a custom made Star Wars dress. Lastly, our 3 ft tall “pet” Storm Trooper, Jermaine, guarded the bar throughout the night.









Never Have I Ever…




“Never Have I Ever…” is not only the name of a fun drinking game, it’s a unique way to get to know a group of people a little bit better. Haven’t you ever played this game with friends and found yourself saying: “wait, you’ve never been to Europe?!” or “you really haven’t ever driven a convertible car?!”.

Though I like to think that I have lived my life to its full potential thus far, there is still a lot I haven’t done. For this drinking game, grab yourself a Belgian or craft beer to sip (we’re adults, get out of here with your PBR!) and play along.


  • been skiing (I had never even seen snow until Joel and I started dating)
  • been to Disney World (or any other Disney themed parks)
  • gone far enough on a boat so I can’t see the shore
  • done a cartwheel
  • been snorkeling or scuba diving
  • stayed awake through all of Pulp Fiction, What About Bob, or The Big Lebowski.
  • ran a charity race
  • been mistaken for a celebrity
  • eaten frog legs
  • broken a limb
  • spent any time in a hospital as a patient
  • had jury duty

So what have YOU never done?!



Cabin In The Woods

Something I wish I loved, but I can’t help but hate: Horror Films. I can watch a scary movie only if I’m with at least one person who isn’t a big fat baby like me so I can hide behind them during, well, the scary parts.

Something I actually love: vacations with friends!

Combine a group of good friends, alcohol, and a cabin in the middle of nowhere and you will get the plot to 50% of all the horror movies ever made literally ever.*


To celebrate her 27th birthday one of my besties, Sarah, invited a group of 10 to stay at a quaint and adorable log cabin located in Lakewood, NY (right by Lake Chautauqua AND Southern Tier Brewery!). Sounds fun, right?!  It was fun, but send a bunch of city  slicker millennials down poorly lit roads on a Friday night to a cabin with a long dirt driveway and paranoia will naturally ensue.

With Joel’s median speed of 83 on the highway, we were the first people to arrive at the Lily Pad- an ex Bed and Breakfast turned AirBnb. We turned into the driveway and both let out a big fat “NOOOOPE”. We refused to be the first ones to knock on the door, we refused to be the first to die in this real life horror movie! But curiosity eventually got the better of us and Joel drove forward. As content as we were just playing on our iPhones in the car, I soon heard the screen door slam and footsteps coming toward us…. THEN OLD MAN RIVERS HIMSELF CLAWED HIS WAY INTO MY CAR… “and, oh wait, you’re name is Mike? And that’s your cat Tiger? Okay, you can give us a tour of your home.”


Long story short, none of us got murdered, but it was pretty fun to sit with our friends and talk about the weekend turning into to something spooky. In the horror movie version of it all, I would probably be the first to die, being the busty blonde who hates running. When the sun rose Saturday morning, we saw just how cute the Lily Pad was. We were hardly scared at all anymore!




On another note… Southern Tier Brewery is amazing! Pumking Beer is so tasty, how had I never had it before?! Oh, it’s $100 a case? That’s why.



*not literally.

Today marks the first day of Fall. Finally. If you don’t have plans for your weekend, might I suggest getting yourself some Pumpkin Spice something and getting cozy and watching Tucker and Dale VS Evil on Netflix. It’s the perfect anti-horror movie and the perfect thing to do to wring in the new season. Cheers!

Photos by Jamie and Nick



The thing about bridesmaids is… I had 9. Yeah, I ah, I did slightly over commit to the whole bridesmaids thing. Turns out I am probably more comfortable with 6. It’s a lot, a lot of estrogen to deal with.

Just kidding. Even though we had a big bridal party, we could have easily added 3 more people to each side. I have 3 sisters, a cousin who is practically a sister, 2 sisters-in-law, and best friends who I needed to be with me, so a big bridal party was pretty inevitable for us. I mean, I totally get why couples getting married completely opt our of having bridesmaids/groomsmen, but I needed to be able to have multiple people worship the ground as I walked on it on my wedding day. Plus, go big or go home, ya know?



The morning of our wedding was a big help each other/ hang out sesh. I curled Christina’s hair and Jess did my makeup. The girls helped each other put on eyelashes, zip up dresses, and buckle shoes, all the while sharing one bottle of pink champagne that we had to drink very slowly so it could make an appearance in the pictures (“just drink the vodka I got you, ladies”).








I love that having your bridesmaids pick their own dresses is, like, a thing. With a big bridal party, I knew I wouldn’t like the look of one dress on all of the girls. WHAT WOMAN ACTUALLY WANTS TO WEAR THE SAME EXACT THING AS 8 OTHERS ANYWAY?! I did not send my Bride Tribe a swatch of a color or anything like that either, but simply asked that they wear something in the Blush Pink family and just have fun with it (with the exception of my maid/matron of honor, who both wore gold). For the sake of photos, I wanted as many different lengths and textures as possible, but mostly I wanted them to be themselves!

There were maxi dresses, mini dresses, tea length dresses, and a jumpsuit. There was vintage silk, crochet, sequins, chiffon, and feathers. Rachel wore pearls, Amy wore her everyday David Yurman, Allie wore hoops, Laura and Jess wore dainty gold, and Christina borrowed a statement necklace from yours truly. Annie wore clogs, Rebekah wore flats, and Bessie wore glittery stripper heels. I cannot even tell  you how much I loved how each and every one of these women looked. They are all so ridiculously beautiful inside and out.






I really want say a big fat thank you to my bridesmaids. YOU B-WORDS ARE THE B-EST.









Photos by Leann Christine Photography

Much Ado About Nada


It’s pretty crazy that I’ve been doing this whole blog thing for a little over four years now. For the first time since I started, my equation is off…. I have these great pictures from a photoshoot my cousin and I did in Houston the other day, but nothing to say about them or anything else, BUT I want to keep up with posting stuff consistently so here’s a whole lot about nothing:




  • Ever since Joel and I got married 4 months ago, people have been asking us when we’ll expand our family (my mom actually ordered us to “HAVE BABIES ALREADY!”). Don’t you worry people, we plan to get cats soon!
  • I’ve been interviewing for new jobs and the process is really fun.
  • It’s mid-September so we’re definitely already planning what we want to dress as for our annual Halloween party this year. My friend Jess said that the year Joel and I stop doing a couple’s costume is the year our marriage is in trouble.
  • Fall TV shows I’m most excited to start up again: Homeland, Shameless, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin.
  • Joel and I have finally started a weekly budget and my favorite thing is going grocery shopping at Aldi with him.
  • Living up north has spoiled me as far as actual seasons go, and I don’t think I could ever live in Texas again.
  • My actual hair is almost as long as my hair extensions and sometimes, before we leave the house, Joel does a head check to see if I’m wearing them.
  • Let me just say, our first Thanksgiving as a married couple is gonna be TURNT.
  • My head and throat hurt.
  • Am I getting sick?
  • I can’t get sick, we’re going to upstate New York this weekend.
  • I’m gonna go make a smoothie.



Dat Dress Doe


I remember wedding dress shopping like it was yesterday… I made an appointment to try on dresses almost immediately after Joel and I got engaged (I may or may not have been watching the crap out of Say Yes To The Dress and Instagram stalking my potential bridal shop for months before). We hadn’t even set a date yet, but I figured I’d go try on a few dresses and get a feel for what I wanted our wedding to be. I’d always pictured myself wearing something fitted with long lace sleeves and possibly an open back? The dress I’d been imagining was giving me Fall Wedding vibes, but with a lot of succulents and cactus everywhere. My secret Pinterest board was a hot mess.

If I can give any bride a piece of advice when it comes to wedding dress shopping it’s this: GO TO A SMALL BRIDAL SHOP! Wedding dress boutiques are where you will not only be treated like the GD queen that you are, but they’re really not that much more expensive than buying a dress “off the rack”. I went to Glitter and Grit, an amazing by-appointment-only shop down the street from us, and was shocked (in a good way) to see their dress selection was nothing short of amazing and I never, NOT ONCE, felt pressured into making a purchase that day.

My entourage and I all took turns picking dresses for me to try on and I loved each one more than the next. I distinctly recall seeing this Nicole Miller number with lace cut outs and saying “oh I’m definitely trying on that slutty dress”. When I put it on, however, it wasn’t slutty at all. It was classy and flattering and so ME. I bought it that day. Wow. That was easy!



Soon after buying my dress, all of our other wedding plans and visions were quickly falling into place and becoming clearer by the day. Date? Set! Venue? Booked! Bridesmaids? Chosen! Save the Dates? SENT.

IT. WAS. HAPPENING.  With the help of Jen Rocket (local seamstress extraordinaire) and Spanx, my dress fit like a glove.

Something magical happened when I put on my wedding dress on the day of our wedding. I knew I would never look or feel as beautiful as I did that day so I was trying my best to own it.





Joel had no idea what I was going to look like before I walked down the aisle because I’m way too superstitious to do any “first look” garbage. He was pleasantly surprised… “VERRRRRRR NICE!”



I completed my wedding look with knock off Valentino Rockstuds (thanks, Ebay!) and a simple, gold OMG necklace (thanks, Laura!). I kept it pretty simple, with my hair down and flowy, and let my dress do the talking.



all photos by Leann Christine Photography


There are quite a few more wedding posts lined up for the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

“What Happened To Paco?”


If I had to pick one favorite of my family’s many weird quirks, it’d probably be our ability to communicate using solely obscure movie quotes. From big blockbusters like Titanic to the underrated classic 2002 film The New Guy (which scored 7% on Rotten Tomatoes); you name it we probably quote it. My dad and twin sister can quote movies back and forth all day just to make each other laugh. Today I’m going to share with you some of our favorites and how to use them in everyday life. Maybe you’ll get a giggle out of a stranger, but you’ll most likely get a look that says WTF are you talking about.



  • From Disney’s Bambi: “THE MEADOW!” say this every time you go into an open field of any sort.
  • From Forrest Gump (easily the most quotable movie ever): “I’m not a smart man…” say it with a lazy Alabama accent anytime you’re feeling particularly stupid.
  • From Disney’s The Jungle Book: “It’s too big around!” say this when you’re in need of a good That’s What She Said joke.
  • From Old Yeller: “There ain’t nothing to do in that big ole backyard!” say this as an excuse to not go outside.
  • From Titanic: “I KNOW WHAT ICE FISHING IS!” it is very important that you scream this at anyone who doubts your knowledge of ice fishing.
  • From The Great Race: “Brandy! More Brandy!” say this when you’re at a party and your glass of alcohol is empty and you need more.
  • From The New Guy: “You lookin’ at my Janet?!” say this when you catch someone looking at you inappropriately.
  • From There’s Something About Mary: “Is that what you want? A farter?!” make sure you say this with a British accent (so farter sounds like “fah-tah”) when you’re asking your friend why she’s dating such a douchebag.
  • From Eurotrip: “Nowhere. Near. Berlin.” say this when you’re going literally anywhere except Berlin, Germany. Joel and I said this line about a gazillion times on our honeymoon.
  • From The Jerk: “You should call him ‘Shit Head'” say this when your friend asks for suggestions on what he should name his new dog.
  • From Disney’s Robin Hood: “Move it, Creepy!” this is just a generally good road raging line.
  • From 10 Things I Hate About You: “That was Costa Rican, Butthead!” obviously say this anytime you spill your coffee.

The list could go on and on… but I’ll stop there and give everyone a chance to use one of these gems sometime today. I, personally, just spilled what was left of my coffee down my shirt so you know which line I’ll be using ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .