Breakin’ The Law

There has always been one fashion “rule” that has pissed me off more than others: you can’t wear white after Labor Day. The hell I can’t! YOU can’t tell ME what to do!



For all of my foreign readers, Labor Day is a federal holiday here in the US celebrated on the first Monday of September. It is also the “natural end date for Summer fashion”. I mean, I get it… we, the consumers, are supposed to believe in investing in a completely different wardrobe for Fall/Winter. We’re supposed to retire all of our palm print dresses, white jumpsuits, and brightly colored anything to make way for all of the dull clothing that will inevitably be covered up with coats and jackets anyway, right?! WRONG…




I know I’m not the first to say this, and I’m hopefully not the last, but some rules are just made to be broken. What’s gonna happen to me if I’m caught wearing white after September? The fashion police gonna write me a ticket?




It’s not difficult to continue to wear your Spring/Summer attire all year long. Logistically, sandals could be put away and replaced with boots/booties/anything closed toe to avoid frost bite; but everything else can stay. So throw a leather jacket on with that white dress and tell everyone to suck it.

This stranger we met during this photo shoot totally agrees with us:



…. and yes, that is Kate Upton modeling with me in these pictures.

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