How To Caption Your Instagrams

If I had a dollar for every time I was around a friend or family member who acted like captioning an Instagram photo is a harder thing to do than learning Mandarin, I’d be one rich bitch. This is a real thing that can give a lot of people anxiety. “Wait, Sarah, what should I say on this picture?!” they ask… Now, instead of diving into the pool of reasons why this doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you my fool proof ways of writing something underneath a picture on Social Media!

  1. Song lyrics! Classics are good, Drake is great.
  2. Use these trendy words and phrases: level 100, keepin’ it 100, _____ game strong, squad goals, good vibes, lazy vibes, any vibes will work.
  3. Quote great tv shows or movies, like 30 Rock or Mean Girls.
  4. Emphasis your point with emojis… that’s what they’re for…
  5. Don’t post pictures when you’re too tired or drunk, your captions probably won’t make sense… actually, that’s funny. Do that!
  6. Use hashtags. AND NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR THEM. #sorrynotsorry
  7. You do you, girl. You’re so good, you don’t even need a caption.




2 thoughts on “How To Caption Your Instagrams

  1. Hahaha “a pool of reasons why this doesn’t matter” so many internet high fives for that one. I get waaaay waaay to wrapped up in what my caption should be and have to remind myself “there are more important things in life girl, get it together!” Mmm cheese fries…


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