Au Revoir, Honeymoon! (Paris Part Deux)

Here we are, at the end of our European adventure honeymoon! We ended our trip in the same city where we began, The City of Lights, Paris (read part 1 here).


It’s crazy how welcoming that familiar Parisian architecture was when we walked out of the train station.  I just wanted to bundle the entire city up in a big bear hug, especially after the most uncomfortable, billion hour train ride it took us to get there. Seriously though, Paris, Je T’aime!


We stayed on the opposite side of Paris for our second go around, literally a 3 minute walk from the Louvre, at this adorable AirBnb. We arrived on a Sunday- meaning most museums and stores would be closed, but after eating an early dinner, we walked around the grounds of the most famous art museum on the planet. Sitting outside in that sweet Parisian drizzle, worrying a tiny bit about my pink feather coat, while a street violinist serenaded us was one of my favorite parts of our trip.



Early the next morning, we went back to the Louvre to see the inside- you know, where they keep all the art… Seriously, is this place ever not crowded? As we were waiting in line outside of the pyramid, that sweet Parisian drizzle turned into a full on rain storm that didn’t relent until we left France 3 days later…

I think that more than most of the artwork itself, the building itself is worth the full price of admission! Look how gorgeous!






Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Mona Lisa isn’t worth seeing. Even with the crowd surrounding her, I legit cried as her eyes followed me around the room! I WAS AN ART MAJOR, OKAY?!


Oh hey, Venus.


But you really can’t see it all at once. So we blew that hot dog stand and, oh, what’s this?! The Louboutin store is kind of on our way back to the apartment… Maybe we should just look inside? OHHHHH they’re less expensive here even with the exchange rate? OH HOW WEIRD! Okay fine, I’ll try on those bubblegum pink patent pumps! *THIS WILL BE MY ONLY SOUVENIR, OKAY?!* Oh… You don’t have my size? What do you mean my feet are “kinda big”?! BYEEEE.

And scene.


On our last full day in Paris, we wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Seems like a great idea, right? I mean, I love going to the top of tall buildings- Hancock Tower, Willis Tower, Empire State Building- so this’ll be fun, right?! It probably would have been fun had it not been a rainy, windy day… Had I not stood at the opening of the glass elevator, face to face with certain death should the doors decided to open, then yeah I’m sure it would have been tons of fun. “Is it just me, or do we seem to be swaying” is the last thing I remember Joel asking me before my ears started ringing and I had to invest all of my concentration in not puking.





I may or may not have kissed the ground when we got back down.


We found where the famous Love Lock bridge was moved to on our way to breakfast before heading to Versailles!




Since our train ride back from Versailles spit us out right at Notre Dame, we walked by and I let a million pigeons cover me. And no, I did not get pooped on!


With bellies full of croissants and crepes, we reluctantly made our way back to America to rejoin the real world. Technically the honeymoon is over, but we will always have Paris…

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