Let Them Eat Cake (A Day At Versailles)

We are rapidly approaching the last of this Eurotrip here on the ole blog, with only two more parts to share, but don’t fret, we’ll cross the pond again soon enough. Since it was too cold for anyone to be topless in the South Of France, we headed north… back to Paris we went! After a hellish day of traveling from Nice upward, we made it back to the familiar setting of beautiful, wonderful, rainy Paris (more on that later).

One of the things I wanted to do on our first trip abroad together was visit Versailles. An easy 45 minute train ride from Paris took us right to the awe inspiring Chateau.

I was surprised to see that right outside of those famous golden gates is a surrounding city. I was expecting countryside leading up to Louie’s house, but whatever! We paid 25 euro per ticket to see both the palace and the gardens then waited in line for an hour in the rain, where my new husband picked a fight with some non-English speakers, “do you understand ‘asshole’?!” Cool!







I’ve heard people say that Versailles is underwhelming, but they’re wrong. Even packed with tourists, the Hall Of Mirrors is one of the best sights we saw on our trip. ALL GOLD EVERYTHING.








I wore this dress which was perfect for twirling around the palace. I was somehow the only person not wearing tennis shoes in the whole joint…




Even in the cold, wet weather, the gardens were a must see. I felt like I was in the middle of the maze from Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, minus the portkey and Voldemort of course.





We ended up getting lost in the gardens and never had a chance to see Marie Antoinette’s little village. I was bummed, but I guess that means we’ll have to go back next time! Until then, bye bye Versailles.


9 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake (A Day At Versailles)

  1. okay I’m here for fashion advice again!! shopping for bridal shower dresses… chic wish..besides this dress have you gotten anything else from them? I’ve been all over lulu’s and asos.. but i keep going back to do i wear white or not. I’m not a huge white outfit person which makes me think i should because i will only be getting this once right! but then i see these beautiful fall floral dresses! I’m having two showers its made shopping harder.


    1. I’ve only ever ordered this floral maxi from chic wish, but they always really cute dresses! I wasn’t really into wearing white either, but then when I got engaged I was all bridal errythang! Maybe since you’re having two showers, you could do floral dress to one and white to the other? I recommend a white jumpsuit for a bridal shower 😉


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