Princess Sarah of Monaco

When I think of Monaco, two songs come to mind: Grace Kelly by Mika and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by Thatoneband. I mean, you want to travel to Europe and see some extravagance, go hang out in Monte Carlo for the day…





The Principality of Monaco is not actually part of France, like I (kind of?) thought it was, it’s totally it’s own thing, with royalty and everything. Stepping right off of the high speed train and immediately seeing that beautiful marina and all of the gorgeous surrounding architecture took my breath away. We went to Monaco after finding “nose-bleed” section tickets to the practice race for the Monaco Grand Prix for 40 Euro a pop. We literally had to hike up a hill, climb and stand on top of a wall, and peek around/through bushes to see the cars go by, but it was totally worth it. Formula One race cars are so incredibly loud that we just barely made the cut off for not needing ear plugs. I always enjoy sitting in the cheap seats anywhere, but was pretty shocked when we bought hot dogs, chips, and beer from a vendor and it didn’t cost any more than 10 Euro for everything… What American stadium offers those prices?! I paid that much for a GD milkshake at the last hockey game I went to….

When the race was over, we walked around and gawked at all of the expensive cars we were seeing bumper to bumper to bumper. “Ohhhh,” I thought to myself, “they spend all their money on cars and that’s why the food is so cheap”. JK LOLOLOLZZZ….






With our plans of sneaking onto a yacht loosely decided upon, I needed a new outfit. I changed out of the white romper I was wearing and into a backless floral dress. We went down to the marina and, well, you know the rest. After all of that commotion, we did met the guys who play Ser Davos Seaworth and Ser Stannis Baratheon on Game Of Thrones, which was pretty freaking cool, and then with our adrenaline pumping we went to try our luck at the very famous Monte Carlo Casino.



Just kidding, we only went into the lobby because I was tired.







We did not sleep in Monaco because our airbnb was in Nice. We stayed one block away from Promenade des Anglais, where the recent terror attack occurred. Our hearts go out to the people of Nice and we continue to pray for the families affected by this horrific act.


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