Honeymoon Video

Honeymoon Video

When Joel (my husband) was in high school, he won multiple awards for film making. So it's no surprise that he could just throw together a bunch of little clips of our European honeymoon (mostly of the back of my head), add one of our favorite songs, and turn it into the masterpiece of memories [...]

Just Add Water

PLEASE FORGET THAT I EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT COLD WEATHER. I FUCKING HATE THIS HUMID/HOT BULLSHIT, FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE MONTH OF AUGUST. At least when it's cold out, you can always add layers to warm yourself up; what're you supposed to do when it's hot as balls outside?! Strip down naked, but then what?! You [...]

How To Be Basic

Basic Bitches are everywhere. You see them in the Winter, never without their North Face + Ugg Boot combo, and in the Summer with their hair in that annoying half Samurai bun and tank tops that say things like "Life Is Beautiful" or "I Woke Up Like This". I was trying to make a pro/con [...]