The (Sheet) Mask(s)

After “yes, honey, your ass does look fat in those jeans”, the top insult you can say to a woman is “you look tired”. My brother recently moved to Pittsburgh and he likes to tell me how tired I look all the time. I’m just like “well, bro, you’re looking at me sans make-up and pre-coffee so fuck yeah I look tired. I AM TIRED.”

I have a few not-so-secret weapons to combat my needs-rest-bitch-face: 1. drinking water, duh. 2. exercise! I just got a yoga studio membership. 3. sheet masks!


I tried different sheet masks every day for five days in a row and I can see significantly less redness and less puffiness on my face. Plus, it’s just fun to spend 20-30 minutes with something cool on my face while I relax. I prefer sheet masks to a regular wash off mask because you just put it on and take it off, no rinsing necessary.




If you want to treat yo-self to a spa night with a sheet mask, I highly recommend these. The red wine and the lemon masks are my favorite. Just chop up a cucumber (or zucchini in my case- eh, close enough, right?) and chill the eff out, girrrrrl. You deserve it.



2 thoughts on “The (Sheet) Mask(s)

  1. I looooooove the TONYMOLY sheet masks. Their panda eye brightener and the shiny foot peel are dope too. Also, these pictures are cute<3


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