Summer Simmer Pot


Breaking news: simmer pots are not just for Fall/Winter! Yeah sure, having your home smell like an apple pie filled heaven in mid-November is amazing, but why do Spring/Summer seem to get left out of the mix? I took to Pinterest to look up Summer Simmer Pot recipes, but only found a handful as opposed to the hundreds that were popping up for Autumn (like this simple, yet intriguing one by my Instagram gal pal and DIY kween, Elsie).

I can see why people might not be into the idea of a Summer Simmer… It’s so hot and humid here in Pittsburgh, and when our air conditioner was on the fritz last month, the mere thought of turning the stove on made me sweat. But that’s all fixed now, so I took my Sunday afternoon, inside of our cool house, to test drive a summah simmah.

When you think of the scents of summer, what comes to mind? IDK about you, but I want to make my house smell fresh and citrusy from March-August. So the Citrus + Mint + Floral Simmer Pot was born!



Here’s what I used:

  • 1 grapefruit
  • 2 clementines
  • 1 lemon
  • mint leaves
  • rose petals

I used the peels from half of each fruit, then sliced the rest and put them in a medium size pot. After filling the pot halfway with water, I added the mint leaves and rose petals (the daisies in the pot were just for decoration. I took them out before I turned on the stove). Voila! The rose and mint is really subtle, but the combination smells amazing! Now all I have to do is keep adding water for my house to instantly smell nice and fresh.


Think of all the different combinations you could use too! Rosemary + Vanilla, Coconut + Lime, Lavender + Lemon! I was also thinking about Fresh Cut Grass, but maybe it wouldn’t simmer so well. Hey man, they can’t all be winners…

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