Sisterhood Of The Traveling Dress


My BFFs and I share a lot of things: our deepest darkest secrets, unsolicited relationship advice, our last piece of gum, and, of course, our closets.  My Ride of Die, Main Bitch, Best Friend for the last 12 years, Allie, wore this gorgeous blush pink crochet dress as her bridesmaid dress for my wedding last month (I did the whole “here’s a color wear whatever the eff you want” approach to bridesmaids dresses- more on that later) and I fell in love with it! She wore her long dark hair parted down the middle with gold hoop earrings and lucite heeled nude shoes. She looked like a badass hippy queen.



With the last remaining pull on my Bride Card, I asked her if I could borrow the dress to take on my honeymoon and I would send it back to her after. Since you’re legally obligated to say “yes” to everything the bossy bride asks of you, she let me, and the idea of The Sisterhood was born.


We must now take The Dress on all of our trips and document it. Like Flat Stanley only less stupid and much more fashion forward…





I wore this Nasty Gal (sold out) number with my black fringe purse and black BCBG wedges  (the only heels and the only purse I brought) whilst galavanting around Venice, Italy. I don’t know what part of the dress I love more, the bell sleeves, the bare midriff, or the fact that it’s going to have a life of its own. This dress will see the world.


I guess the only bad part is now I have to send it back to Allie. The ball is in her court now. Wear it somewhere cool, giiiirl!


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