Venice Is For Lovers


Would any European honeymoon or couple’s vacation be complete without a trip to Venice? It is, after all, THE City of Love.


To be perfectly honest, when we got to Venice on a Sunday afternoon- totally exhausted after a long train ride- having to sashay through the plethora of sweaty tourists wearing fanny packs to get to our Airbnb was definitely not romantic in any way. Venice on a Sunday is insane in the membrane, yo. SO. DANG. CROWDED. Apparently, because so many visitors opt out of spending the night on the island(s), day trippers flock to Venice from mainland Italy in hoards on Sundays. “City of love?” I thought resentfully to myself, “they probably only call it that because Cassanova banged his way through town… more like City Filled With Idiots I’d Like To Push Into This Canal.”

We got off of our water taxi at the Rialto stop and went in search of our host who was meeting us at the square at Santa Maria Formosa… In true frustrated travelers form, we got lost. If you’ve been to Venice, you probably know how much of an unfriendly wheel city it is. No cars, no bikes, just assholes like us wheeling luggage around the cobblestone and up steps and over bridges. When we did eventually find our Italian supermodel hostess, she led us to our Airbnb, which was a little slice of Venetian heaven… bad mood cured instantly.



That first day in Venice was filled with the Italian treats I had been dreaming about all of my life: so much pizza and gelato with the most beautiful, historic views you could imagine. Plus, the humidity was working wonders on my freshly washed hair.




Venice is truly a magical place. Everywhere you look, you see beauty. Beauty and tourists and lots and lots of pigeons.





After exploring San Marco square and the surrounding area, we grabbed a prosciutto pizza (our second pizza in 4 hours) and some champagne to take home. We then spent the evening gazing at the most gigantic full moon from the top floor of our flat. Okay, Venice… You ARE the City Of Love. I salute thee.




In case you find yourself wondering, the answer is no… we did not take a gondola ride. We don’t regret our decision either. I do, however, regret not taking more pictures of all the pizza I ate….




Along with my dark pink YSL lipstick and some hair extensions, I left a piece of my heart in Venice… xoxo

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