How To Add POPS Of Color To Your Home


I don’t know about you, but I love color! When it comes to home decor, though, I prefer to work with a more neutral palette for the permanent parts (grey walls + white trim FTW!), and then throw in some interchangeable pops of color here and there. This method is good for two big reasons: 1. it’s renter friendly (I know a lot of people stuck with white or beige walls because landlords can be dickheads!) and, 2. I get bored and want to change up the colors of our home periodically, and it might be kind of difficult to paint the dining room depending on my mood. Here are my personal favorite, tried and true methods of making our house more colorful:

  • Fresh flowers. A big fat DUH! Lavender roses, pink peonies, orange daisies- the possibilities are endless. Trader Joe’s always has a great selection of blooms to chose from.
  • Pillows. I am constantly rotating the pillows in our house from downstairs to guest room to our bedroom. We have so many good ones to chose from! The best pillow sources: Society 6, IKEA, Leif, Urban Outfitters, Lulu and Georgia, and Target. Pillows are ridiculously easy to make yourself too, so keep that in mind next time you’re at a fabric store.


  • Shower Curtain. I specifically picked out this shower curtain because it had the colors I wanted to add to our mostly neutral bathroom. Also, science.


  • SOAP! This is my all time favorite way of adding color! I picked out these soap dispensers with the intention of buying brightly colored soaps to fill them with. I was so happy the first time we ran out of green soap because it meant we could use pink!


  • Fill a glass terrarium. Painted rocks, anyone? I had ordered some wood block garland that I took apart and spray painted. We used this and one other terrarium with colorful blocks at the bottom as card containers at our wedding. I loved the look so much I kept them how they were. One is a centerpiece at our table and the other is in our entryway.


  • Display your colorful nail polish. I love the look of multicolored little uniform bottles on a shelf. It’s why I spend so much money on Essie brand polish.


  • Spray paint your knick knacks. This creepy cat was an ugly greyish brown before I made him gold.


  • Paint your door! Technically this might not be “renter friendly”, but my sister and I totally did this (sans landlord’s permission) at the little house we used to rent together. It’s much more permanent than the other options, but doors are SOOO easy to paint!


I don’t know, man, I think this was all pretty solid decor advice. You’re welcome! Don’t say I never taught you anything…

4 thoughts on “How To Add POPS Of Color To Your Home

  1. We have the same style! It’s so weird but also amazing. I have gold spray painted cats as well! (Who else would proudly say that? haha) My bedroom was a light lavender color before we just painted it grey, and I know we are rug twins. Due to this, I call this SOLID DECORATING ADVICE! Where did you get your terrarium?
    peace I’m out.


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