The Whiz Palace: Before & After


W.C., loo, bathroom, restroom, washroom, powder room, lavatory, toilet; whatever you want to call it, the whiz palace is probably the most used room in any home today. Sure you spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen, sleeping in your bedroom, and maybe watching t.v. in your living room, but the bathroom is where shit goes down… literally. Gross, sorry, that got away from me for a second there…

As a girl who puts on makeup everyday, likes to relax in the bathtub, and is always in need of a place to hide from people at parties, the restroom is kind of my sanctuary.


Now, full disclosure, I definitely did not hate the pink and black thing happening in the main bathroom of the house when I first saw it, but it needed some serious updating so it turned into a full gut job. There was a bulkhead hanging so low in the shower that Joel couldn’t stand up straight, so I bashed it right out of there. If you’ve never had the opportunity to smash and bash and tear tile down, I feel bad for you, It’s the best part of any renovation. The clean up, i.e. the million trips back and forth to the rented dumpster in the driveway, however, is not as much fun…

Several months later and wouldya just look at this!


The combination of faux marble peel & stick floor tile, white subway tile + grey grout around the tub, a badass vessel sink, a colorful shower curtain, and a working soft close toilet really ties the room together.



If you have the pleasure of visiting our whiz palace, be sure to notice the original 2011 Sarah Blumer artwork hanging above the toilet. I call it “Lord Of The Flies”. Not surprisingly, almost no women ever get to really appreciate it because of it’s location in proximity to the porcelain throne.



My friend, Rachel, gave me this bathroom guest book as a wedding shower gift and, NO JOKE, it has more signatures than our wedding guest book. People draw/write the most hilarious/disgusting stuff in there…



Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Rhetorical question.



There you have it! The very first “fully finished” renovated room of our home. Someone alert HGTV because we have a lot more house to see!


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