Hallo, Munich!


I have a very important piece of travel advice for my fellow newbie world travelers:  BRING A TRAVEL JOURNAL AND WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! Since we were taking trains from each city to the next, I spent the first 30 0r so minutes describing, in as much detail as possible, our experiences in the city we had just left. If I hadn’t been writing all of this down, I don’t think I would have even remembered our road raging Uber driver, our sweet Airbnb host who had an uncanny resemblance to the drummer of Mutemath, or the group of teenage girls that tried to push me over on the subway in Munich, Germany.


If you ask Joel, my husband, what his favorite place we visited on our honeymoon was he would say Munich hands down! And I can see why, Munich is amazing. We stayed here which was absolutely perfect. Not only was our flat adorable and centrally located to restaurants and the train and subway stations, but our host left us delicious German snacks and chocolate: WIN, WIN, WIN.



We didn’t have set plans for any of the places we visited, only ideas of things we knew we wanted to do. The only thing on our list for Munich was to visit the Hofbrauhaus and its neighboring beer gardens/breweries. We did just so on our first night in town! The Hofbrauhaus was not as touristy as I was expecting it to be, but had tons of locals who had reserved the same family tables for hundreds of years! On the third floor is a giant hall filled to the brim with people drinking and singing in German. Oh, the camaraderie is contagious up there! People of all different nationalities standing on their chairs to chug their beers while the whole room cheered them on then high fives all around. You couldn’t help but smile at the whole scene!

Across the street from HB, is a much smaller beer garden called Augustiner, that a sweet reader of the blog recommended. The beer was delicious, but I couldn’t get over the history of the place! Augustiner has been in Munich since the 14th century! Holy crap, right?! My fellow Americans should be impressed because Christopher Colombus wasn’t even born when the first Augustiners were being poured.

We also went to Ayinger to sit outside and people watch at the busy beer centered square. You wouldn’t believe how many bachelorette parties we saw!





On the map left for us by our host, we saw Olympic Park (where the 1972 Summer Games were held) and decided it seemed worth checking out. We hopped on the subway that led us right to the park. It was a beautiful sunny, cool day! Perfect park weather!




Bavarian food is my freakin’ favorite. The bratwurst on the right with the mayonnaise and mustard is mine.


As soon as we got off of our train and into the park, we saw multiple signs pointing to a Star Wars exhibit called “Star Wars Identities”. Obviously our nerdy curiosity got the best of us and we paid 20 euro each to check it out. It was cool that we got to create our very own Star Wars characters, BUT OMFG THEY HAD THE ACTUAL SLAVE LEIA COSTUME, HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE, BOBA FETT, R2D2, AND EVERY OTHER STAR WARS THING YOU MIGHT CARE ABOUT FROM THE ACTUAL MOVIES ON DISPLAY. Learn more about Identities here and definitely go if it comes to your city!



I think we were a little distracted by the displays because this is how our characters came out: I’m a sexy pink Ewok and Joel is a lizard bounty hunter.


I will never ever stop gushing to people about Munich and how much we loved it. What an amazing city! With the exception of the wild pack of teenage girls on the subway, everyone was so nice and accommodating to us silly Americans. We attempted to say our “hellos” and “pleases” and “thank yous” in German, but just about everyone in Munich speaks English.



We were sad to leave Munich so early on a Sunday morning, but a 6 hour train ride through the Austrian Alps and Italian country side was waiting for us. Next up: Venice.

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