Forget Y’all, I’m From Texas

On our honeymoon, I wanted to punch myself when, for the 3rd time, a stranger asked where I’m from and I answered “Pittsburgh”. I love Pittsburgh, but I ain’t from here. I’M FROM TEXAS! How dare I forget my roots! For goodness’ sake, I even have the outline of my home state tattooed on my body. I mean, sheesh! I spent 23 of my 26.5 years living in the best state of all the states and find myself in a really subtle, but constant state of homesickness.

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I was reminded via my Facebook “memories” that it was this time last year that Joel and I flew to San Antonio so that we could 1. see my good friend Ashely marry her high school sweetheart Cody and 2. to let my cousin throw us an epic engagement party. We spent 11 glorious days in the Lone Star State where, amazingly enough, Joel did not die of heat stroke.

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Joel had been to Texas a few times (it’s where we first met, duh), but he was always there for quick little weekend visits. This time I not only showed him all of my favorite places (Central Market, The Pearl, Annie Gogglyn, tacos at Caracheos, sneaking into and swimming at some random apartment pool), but my dad was our chaufferu for a couple of days too. With our VIP dad pass, we got to eat the best BBQ in the city and visit Garner State Park among other things.

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We also spent a few days in Austin which is always a good idea! Austin is the OG “keep it weird” city (suck it, Portland) and there is always soooo much to do, see, and eat! We were driving down South Lamar when I saw some pops of color on a hill in the distance… After cooling off at Barton Springs, we drove toward it and stumbled upon Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, which I had no idea existed, and took the above photos. It’s one of those Austin things, like the writing on the wall at Joe’s coffee, that you just have to see in person.


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My stomach is rumbling just thinking about all of the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from Whataburger I could have eaten in the time it took me to write this post. I miss you, Texas!

2 thoughts on “Forget Y’all, I’m From Texas

  1. I think people just mean “where do you live” when they ask where you are “from” because they usually follow up with asking if you were born there or not if you keep talking…hardly anyone is actually “from” Nashville!


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