Welcome To Germany


When you think of a romantic honeymoon getaway, you automatically think of Stuttgart, Germany, don’t you?! Yeah, me neither. My initial instinct was to fight my betrothed on the prospect of going to Germany at all on our honeymoon, we’d go on our next Eurotrip, but I relented because of love and stuff. Plus, we’re like super German (Blumer + Haase = Blumenhaus? Sure).

This is one of the many examples of me trusting Joel’s instincts over my own because he’s always right… Germany freaking rules! Seriously, stopping in Deutchland was one of my favorite parts of our whole trip and the very first restaurant we went to in Stuttgart happened to be where I had one of the best meals our European honeymoon, if not my entire life (German meatballs + potato/cucumber salad + Beeeeeer).

We got to Stuttgart on a cold Thursday afternoon. After dragging our luggage through the busy streets and up four flights of steep spiral stairs to our quaint little German airbnb, we ventured off to find what is known as the most beautiful library in the world as well as a good happy hour.


This library took my GD breath away. You go in and see the lobby area and are like “oh okay, that’s cool, but not what I saw on pinterest”. Then you take the elevator to the top floor and get that promised view of books on books on books. I felt like Belle from Beauty And The Beast, only blonder and a much better singer.




German beer fo’ life. No shitty IPAs here!


Oh, weird, how’d this photo get in here?… I had no idea Joel was even taking my picture by this mint green Bentley…


We were both pretty obsessed with the combination of old and new architecture in Stuttgart.





Full disclaimer, we came to Stuttgart for one specific reason: The Porsche Museum. Spoiler alert, Joel really likes cars and Stuttgart, Germany just so happens to be the home of Porsche and Mercedes Benz. The museum building itself is beautiful, with a cantilever that would make Frank Lloyd Wright turn in his grave, and if I’m into any sports car it’s Porsche (pronounced Poorsh-ah, you peasants!). Watching Joel turn into a kid in a candy store made it all worthwhile!







So, our Airbnb… This’ll probably be the only one I don’t include a link to because our host was kind of a dick. Plus, our bathroom had a crappy shower curtain in lieu of an actual door which is just PERFECT (sarcasm, obvi) for a newlywed couple (insert cry face and eye roll emojis here). That being said, we had a great view from our fourth floor walk-up, and even though the crowded courtyard right below us was filled with people partying hard until 3 a.m., we didn’t mind because, hey, it’s vacation.





Not sure what it is exactly, but Stuttgart really really reminded me of Pittsburgh. Not necessarily the people because nobody wears disgusting sweat pants/ black&yellow gear in Europe, but just the city itself made us both think of home. Ah, Germany! THE BLUMERS LOVE YOU!

Next stop: Munich. Auf wiedersehen, assholes.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Germany

  1. I’m German, born in the Stuttgart area and still living next to the city. Super fun to see Stuttgart through the eyes of an American gal. I’m always finding it kind of boring compared to all the other pretty cool cities all over the world (and also in Germany…)
    Have a nice trip!


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