Blooming Blumer


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here on my blog before, but I recently got married.  Seeing as how I am a flower obsessed gal, my new last name, Blumer, could not be more fitting. I guess years of wearing that “Mrs. Sarah Blumer” shirt under all of my clothes + the African voodoo I did on a tissue of Joel’s finally paid off…




While we all wait “patiently” for my wedding pictures, here are some pictures of me being a blissful newlywed to tide you over. We live 5 minutes away from the most beautiful park in town, Highland Park, where the roses grow like weeds! Unfortunately, the dumb peonies couldn’t wait 2 weeks for us to get home from Europe to keel over and die, but whatever… there’s always next year.




Even though I gained 10 pounds on our honeymoon, I’d still venture to say that this whole marriage thing totally agrees with me.



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