We’re “Normaling”

After a hellish 18+ hour travel day yesterday (after which we went straight from the airport to see the Mutemath + Twenty-One Pilots concert as a unique way to fight off jet lag), my husband and I found ourselves back  at the coziest place on earth: our home in Pittsburgh, PA. The last month has been a totally amazing, frantic, go-go-go, shit show. I moved back to Pittsburgh from Toledo, worked on wedding stuff for 3 weeks, hosted out of town family members at our house, got freaking married, had an after party, then headed out on a two week European adventure honeymoon. It feels so good to slowwwwww down and get into a new, married life routine. We have a DVR filled with our favorite shows to watch and lots of leftover wine so you can go ahead and guess how we’ll be spending our first weekend home.

Now that I am home and have a live-in professional photographer, I have high hopes for my little bloggy blog. I not only have tons of wedding + honeymoon travel stories and pictures to share, but our 2 years in the making home renovation as well! Not to mention any of the other dumb stuff I feel like sharing with the world. Welcome to That’s What Sarah Said, where I, Sarah, say stuff.

I woke up in Paris yesterday, but I loved waking up with Joel in our very own bedroom this morning and making coffee with our very own coffee pot. OMG this is my life now?! I feel like I won the freaking lottery.


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