May The Four(teen)th Be With You

HOLY CRAP TODAY IS MY WEDDING DAY! I know what you’re thinking: “dude, shouldn’t you be getting your hair curled with a bottomless mimosa in your hand right about now?!” Well, full disclaimer, I probably am getting my hair curled with a bottomless mimosa in my hand as you read this thanks to my ability to schedule blog posts to automatic publish. Anyway, I just wanted to write a few reminders to both our wedding guests, those who couldn’t make it, and everyone else who cares…

Social media is, like, a thing now soooo….

  • Our friend made a Snapchat geotag for the wedding/reception as well as the after party. Make sure your location services are on and then swipe to the left to the left to find it.
  • Speaking of snapchat, if you don’t mind saving those pictures and videos from the wedding before they disappear forever please do! Then email them to Joel at your earliest convenience.
  • use/follow our hashtag #TheBlumers  so we can look at all of your pictures tomorrow!
  • try to find our nods to Game Of Thrones, Mean Girls, It’s Always Sunny, Lego, Harry Potter, and Star Wars scattered throughout the entire evening.
  • HAVE FREAKING FUN! we know we will!

xoxo, Sarah and Joel



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