Engagement20151130 - 11

Wedding stress is a strange thing. We’ve been stressing out the last few weeks trying to get all of our last minute projects in order for the wedding that we have been planning for a year… Not only did we take on 2 majorly labor intensive and time consuming decor DIY projects (among a plethora of smaller DIYs, of course) for the Big Day, but we had to finish getting our house in order for out of town family staying with us as well as the big after party we’re hosting after our reception. Luckily, I was able to take an entire month off of work to finish everything that needed finishing.

The other day, I was sitting and staring at the seating chart that wasn’t going to arrange itself and going through the checklist of crap I needed to get done (paint window casings, string gems, email photographer, etc.) when suddenly it hit me… I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’m marrying my best friend! We are pouring our hearts and souls into this wedding because we are building a monument to our love! That’s what makes wedding stress so strange, it’s kind of a welcome stress. Last night, a bunch of out of towners met up at the Hofbrauhaus here in Pittsburgh and when I looked around and saw that we were surrounded by friends and family, all of them there to celebrate Joel and I, my heart was so filled!

I’m glad I have this blog to write down all of my wedding feelings so I can look back on this amazing time in my life. Thanks for following along!


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