The Middle Child’s Getting Married



Sibling rivalry has always been hot and fresh with my brothers and sisters. “Which one of us does dad love the most” and “who will mom choose to ride in the front seat with her” are the burning questions that plagued all of our young minds, I’m sure. Who would have guessed that me, the third born of six kids would be the first to walk down the aisle?! At a cousin’s wedding 10 years ago, my uncle Mark asked me to write a list of what order I thought my siblings would get married and he’d keep it and give it to me on my wedding day. He RSVP’d “no”, but I remember my name on my own list being at least 4th in line. Naturally, there’s a big part of me that just wants to shout “I WIN I WIN I WIN” at the top of a rooftop.


Though we may seem like your run of the mill “6 kids- Catholic” family, I have major bragging rights when it comes to my brood… Bragging rights that I was simply born into. My mom likes to say she always wanted 6 kids and she totally got them, two by two. If you’re doing the math, that means my mom had three sets of twins. I have a twin! You have a twin! YOU have a TWIN! There is about a year and a half (give or take a month) between each set of twins, which  boils down to six kids in diapers at one time. As an employee of the childcare industry for the last however many years, this is a situation we professionals refer to as “cray”.

Although it took us quite some time, we all turned out to be pretty decent human beings. My older sister, Annie, lives with her Master’s Degree down the street from me in Pittsburgh. My older brother, Brennan, is an adventure seeker with a great beard. My twin sister, Bessie, still holds the title for sweetest person on the planet. My younger sister, Rebekah, has really big boobs and a big heart (she might actually be Becky with the good hair, but no one knows for sure). My younger brother, Daniel, is in the military and from the looks of his Instagram, a bbq grill master. To compare us all to characters from The Office it would go something like: Annie is Angela, Brennan is Darryl, I am Oscar, Bessie is Phyllis, Rebekah is Meredith, and Daniel is Kevin.

I’m so excited to be able to share my wedding day with these dummies, minus Daniel who can’t make it. 5 out of 6 is good enough for me though. Now let’s all place our bets for how many times dad will say “on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding”….



P.S. Joel totally came in last place out of his siblings getting married.

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