Wedding stress is a strange thing. We've been stressing out the last few weeks trying to get all of our last minute projects in order for the wedding that we have been planning for a year... Not only did we take on 2 majorly labor intensive and time consuming decor DIY projects (among a plethora [...]

Go (Honey)Fund Us!

  Today I would like to talk about everyone's favorite subject: MONEY! I feel uncomfortable just writing the word (how WASP-y of me!), but this is something I just have to put out into the universe. As you all know, Joel and I are getting married in 10 days. That's right, you're looking at the [...]


I felt pretty hashtag blessed when Joel and I got to travel to the Dominican Republic last weekend. We flew to Punta Cana for Joel's BFF's wedding and it was a freaking blast! Originally the couple getting married, Cyntia and Dave, looked into hosting their wedding in Cyntia's hometown of Sao Paola, Brazil, but knowing [...]