Wedding Weekend Highlights


We finally did it! We’re married! I’m Mrs. Joel Blumer (but no, I will not be changing my Instagram handle).

People really aren’t kidding when they say that your wedding day goes by so fast! The five minutes leading up to the ceremony were relatively slow, but the five hours after whirred by too quickly. Right now, we are sitting at the airport in Boston waiting to board our plane to Paris, so I thought I’d take this time to share a few of my favorite moments from our wedding day:

  1. Hearing my BFF and cousin pop champagne in our hotel bathroom at 2 a.m. because I was trying to get some beauty sleep the night before the wedding and they were not tired but trying not to wake me.
  2. Getting ready with 8 out of my 9 bridesmaids crammed into one little room.
  3. Roaming our hotel in my amaaaaazing Nicole Miller wedding dress.
  4. The butterflies I felt right before walking down the aisle.
  5. Seeing all of our hard work finally pay off! (our decor was so us)
  6. Having so many of the people I love the most all under one roof.
  7. Watching my grandma get down at our after party.
  8. Waking up next to Joel and seeing his wedding band on his finger.

Obviously, I’ll post all the pictures here when I get them. I plan on breaking up the wedding blog posts into at least 4 different posts, which will be just excruciating for those suffering from FOMO, but for now, I gotta go on my honeymoon….


May The Four(teen)th Be With You

HOLY CRAP TODAY IS MY WEDDING DAY! I know what you’re thinking: “dude, shouldn’t you be getting your hair curled with a bottomless mimosa in your hand right about now?!” Well, full disclaimer, I probably am getting my hair curled with a bottomless mimosa in my hand as you read this thanks to my ability to schedule blog posts to automatic publish. Anyway, I just wanted to write a few reminders to both our wedding guests, those who couldn’t make it, and everyone else who cares…

Social media is, like, a thing now soooo….

  • Our friend made a Snapchat geotag for the wedding/reception as well as the after party. Make sure your location services are on and then swipe to the left to the left to find it.
  • Speaking of snapchat, if you don’t mind saving those pictures and videos from the wedding before they disappear forever please do! Then email them to Joel at your earliest convenience.
  • use/follow our hashtag #TheBlumers  so we can look at all of your pictures tomorrow!
  • try to find our nods to Game Of Thrones, Mean Girls, It’s Always Sunny, Lego, Harry Potter, and Star Wars scattered throughout the entire evening.
  • HAVE FREAKING FUN! we know we will!

xoxo, Sarah and Joel




Engagement20151130 - 11

Wedding stress is a strange thing. We’ve been stressing out the last few weeks trying to get all of our last minute projects in order for the wedding that we have been planning for a year… Not only did we take on 2 majorly labor intensive and time consuming decor DIY projects (among a plethora of smaller DIYs, of course) for the Big Day, but we had to finish getting our house in order for out of town family staying with us as well as the big after party we’re hosting after our reception. Luckily, I was able to take an entire month off of work to finish everything that needed finishing.

The other day, I was sitting and staring at the seating chart that wasn’t going to arrange itself and going through the checklist of crap I needed to get done (paint window casings, string gems, email photographer, etc.) when suddenly it hit me… I’M GETTING MARRIED! I’m marrying my best friend! We are pouring our hearts and souls into this wedding because we are building a monument to our love! That’s what makes wedding stress so strange, it’s kind of a welcome stress. Last night, a bunch of out of towners met up at the Hofbrauhaus here in Pittsburgh and when I looked around and saw that we were surrounded by friends and family, all of them there to celebrate Joel and I, my heart was so filled!

I’m glad I have this blog to write down all of my wedding feelings so I can look back on this amazing time in my life. Thanks for following along!


The Middle Child’s Getting Married



Sibling rivalry has always been hot and fresh with my brothers and sisters. “Which one of us does dad love the most” and “who will mom choose to ride in the front seat with her” are the burning questions that plagued all of our young minds, I’m sure. Who would have guessed that me, the third born of six kids would be the first to walk down the aisle?! At a cousin’s wedding 10 years ago, my uncle Mark asked me to write a list of what order I thought my siblings would get married and he’d keep it and give it to me on my wedding day. He RSVP’d “no”, but I remember my name on my own list being at least 4th in line. Naturally, there’s a big part of me that just wants to shout “I WIN I WIN I WIN” at the top of a rooftop.


Though we may seem like your run of the mill “6 kids- Catholic” family, I have major bragging rights when it comes to my brood… Bragging rights that I was simply born into. My mom likes to say she always wanted 6 kids and she totally got them, two by two. If you’re doing the math, that means my mom had three sets of twins. I have a twin! You have a twin! YOU have a TWIN! There is about a year and a half (give or take a month) between each set of twins, which  boils down to six kids in diapers at one time. As an employee of the childcare industry for the last however many years, this is a situation we professionals refer to as “cray”.

Although it took us quite some time, we all turned out to be pretty decent human beings. My older sister, Annie, lives with her Master’s Degree down the street from me in Pittsburgh. My older brother, Brennan, is an adventure seeker with a great beard. My twin sister, Bessie, still holds the title for sweetest person on the planet. My younger sister, Rebekah, has really big boobs and a big heart (she might actually be Becky with the good hair, but no one knows for sure). My younger brother, Daniel, is in the military and from the looks of his Instagram, a bbq grill master. To compare us all to characters from The Office it would go something like: Annie is Angela, Brennan is Darryl, I am Oscar, Bessie is Phyllis, Rebekah is Meredith, and Daniel is Kevin.

I’m so excited to be able to share my wedding day with these dummies, minus Daniel who can’t make it. 5 out of 6 is good enough for me though. Now let’s all place our bets for how many times dad will say “on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding”….



P.S. Joel totally came in last place out of his siblings getting married.

Go (Honey)Fund Us!

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Today I would like to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: MONEY! I feel uncomfortable just writing the word (how WASP-y of me!), but this is something I just have to put out into the universe. As you all know, Joel and I are getting married in 10 days. That’s right, you’re looking at the future Mrs. Joel Blumer, and we could not be more ecstatic. As I mentioned here, Joel and I have a home that we renovated and furnished together so we decided to opt out of a big wedding registry. When we’re invited to a wedding, we like to give a cash gift regardless of registry (who doesn’t love a cash gift?!) so we assumed that simply by not registering for gifts people would take a hint and bust open their checkbooks. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ASSUME, RIGHT?! Both my future husband and myself were having reoccurring nightmares where we received shower caddies and coffee table books we neither needed or wanted! Oh, the insanity!

I realize at this point I probably sound like an ungrateful dickhead, but Joel and I have been working our asses off to pull off our wedding and make it special for each and every one of our guests! We love our friends and family and appreciate them making the effort to join us on our special day!

So what solutions did we have besides crossing our fingers and praying for an influx of cash and/or gift receipts with gifts?! Easy! We created a Honey Fund account! Honey Fund is a free online honeymoon registry (as seen here on Shark Tank) where you can pick out things you want to do on your honeymoon and your guests can donate to you. It’s brilliant and completely free or you can personalize the shit out of your Honey Fund page for only $39! It’s great, you pick where you’re going on your honeymoon and the website compiles a list of activities and prices for your guests to choose from. Some of our lovely family members, who cannot make it to our wedding, have already been generous enough to donate through the website! We highly recommend Honey Fund to anyone in the same pre-marital boat as us.

Weddings are freaking expensive! As much as I wish we could register at Crate & Barrel for a toaster filled with cash, but this option totally works too.



I felt pretty hashtag blessed when Joel and I got to travel to the Dominican Republic last weekend. We flew to Punta Cana for Joel’s BFF’s wedding and it was a freaking blast! Originally the couple getting married, Cyntia and Dave, looked into hosting their wedding in Cyntia’s hometown of Sao Paola, Brazil, but knowing it would have been a pain in the butt for their American friends to get visas (not to mention it would have been ungodly expensive), they decided to have a destination wedding halfway between their places of birth. Make it a vacation for everyone!

We spent 5 days at an all inclusive resort right on the Caribbean. It was heavenly… I’m still rocking the remnants of a splotchy, uneven sunburn. We packed the “good” camera with the intention of using it everyday to take blog photos, but actually used it zero times. Sorry not sorry! We were on island time… Here is our trip in iPhone pics:


I still can’t get over how turquoise the water is! So freaking beautiful!

On the beaches by the resorts in the Dominican, you can expect a lot of people trying to sell stuff to dumb tourists. Hats, flip flops, boating excursions; you name it, they’re selling it. The only thing we spent money on was taking pictures with a monkey named Mickey. I mean, how could we not?! Best $20 Joel ever spent…


Our trip was extremely chill. Joel and I didn’t go on the boating/swimming with sharks excursion that the rest of our group went on because we didn’t land in the Dominican until Friday (we were going through immigration and customs while everyone else was having fun), we spent our time at the beach and the pools drinking Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, and Dominican Beer. Joel did have a small altercation with a sassy Frenchman who wrongly accused us of stealing his beach bed and spent the rest of the trip in his Team America tank top.


One of my favorite parts of our trip was getting to spend time in paradise with my cousin/BFF/matron on honor! She is a riot! When she vacations, she goes hard… the locals called her “blanca chica loca”, or “crazy white girl”. While I was busy falling asleep at 8:30 p.m. she was out dancing the night away. Christina will be in Pittsburgh on Wednesday to help with all of our last minute wedding stuff and I can’t wait!


Lots and lots of beach time. RIP my Quay Australia glasses that the Caribbean now owns.

Oh, pro tip…. everything in the mini bar at an all inclusive resort is all included… FREE TEQUILA AND OREOS!




We went on a Mangrove tour. Mangroves are trees. Cool.




I have to say, this is the first vacation I went on where I packed expertly. For 5 days I brought 5 bikinis, 3 dresses, 2 t shirts, 1 pair of shorts, a maxi skirt/crop top, and I wore everything. We did pack two full bottles of bug spray (with DEET), but I still managed to get eaten alive by mosquitos… those assholes love me.

We stayed at Paradisus resort, which was great for a big group of people. All inclusive resorts are like a Cruise mixed with a Summer Camp, interpret that however you want. This relaxing beach trip was just what the doctor ordered, it literally cleared up my sinus infection. Now there are just 15 days until we embark on our European honeymoon adventure!