My Top 5 Etsy Shops for Wedding Stuff


We have quite a few DIY projects we are working on for our wedding in 17 days (HOLY SHIT 17 DAYS?!). Having a DIY wedding is especially fun when someone else can take care of the DIY part. That’s why I love Etsy for the wedding goods we probably could have done ourselves but they wouldn’t have looked as good! I’m pretty sure a blog post like this exists on Buzzfeed and/or Brit & Co, but these are Etsy shops that I have personally used for my upcoming wedding, and therefore highly recommend/endorse.

  1. For a personalized wedding banner with a funny movie quote, I shopped here.
  2. What even is a wedding these days without some tassel garland?! Theirs is TOP quality and they have tons of options!
  3. As a person who loves to give advice (usually unsolicited), I wanted to do a wedding “tip” jar with cards for our guests to fill out giving us marital advice! Instead of printing them myself with the printer I don’t actually have, I ordered the advice cards from this shop.
  4. For my sweet little ring bearers’ bow tie/suspender sets, I shopped here.
  5. Okay, I haven’t ordered them yet, but I’m thinking these would make great bridesmaids gifts…

I love that everything I have ordered so far for our wedding has been shipped promptly AND has come with a sweet, handwritten note of congratulations from the seller. You can just tell that every item has been made with so much love! And it always feels good to support small businesses. Team Etsy Fo’ Life.

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Etsy Shops for Wedding Stuff

  1. dude! let me diy you a banner if you want for free!
    those prices are crazy!!!! check out #lesdiys on IG
    …or maybe they are reasonably priced and i just really do shit for free TOO much.


      1. haha! thanks!!!
        i honestly think its cause im lazy but i should cause it hurts like shit when i make something from the heart (and for free) and people treat it like crap. at least if i charge, itll be paid for so they can do whatever they want with it.

        congrats on your upcoming wedding! cant wait to see!!!


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