Just The Travel Tips

My number one ambition in life is to travel. The world is my oyster and I want to gobble that shit up.

So far, I’ve visited more than half of the United States and have been to The Netherlands (Yes, I’ve been to Europe). Today I will be getting another stamp on my passport from The Dominican Republic, where Joel and I are headed for a friend’s wedding. I’m obviously not as much of a seasoned traveler as my favorite travel/fashion blogger, Jessica Stein, but I’ll get there one day. For now, I’ll just leave these awesomely original/personally tried and tested travel tips righttttttt here…


  1. If you’re flying Southwest Airlines, early check-in is a must if you want to get a good boarding group. If you’re traveling alone, once you board the plane find an empty row, put your stuff away, sit in the window seat and start coughing like you’ve got emphysema and might hack up a lung. If you’re lucky no one will want to sit with you and you’ll have the whole row to yourself!
  2. If you’re traveling with a significant other, leave the middle seat empty and pretend to be either having an intense argument or be whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. People would rather sit by a crying baby than a fighting couple or couple in love.
  3. Buy an adult sized neck pillow. I know that one at Target in the kids section that’s shaped like a cat is cute and all, but you’ll just end up giving it to the next 3 year old you see because it hurts your neck more than it helps it. Trust me.
  4. Get a massage the day before you travel. When Joel bought my engagement ring, the jewelry store gave us a “bridal package” with all of these amazing coupons for free shit, one of which is for me to get a free massage once a month for a year, NBD. If you don’t have the budget for a massage and no coupons of your own, try Craigslist?
  5. Bring outfit options, but don’t overpack. Find a happy medium. Just do it.
  6. If you’re only bringing a carry on, wear your 5 inch wedges so they don’t weigh down your duffel bag. This has always worked for me because I’m really good at running in wedges which will inevitably happen when you gotta get to that connecting flight across the airport. The only time this didn’t work in my favor was when I was on a small plane and the flight attendants refused to use the inflatable emergency exit slide to let me off the plane. I had to take the steep ass stairs which was annoying.
  7. Wear your clip in hair extensions so they don’t get tangled and matted in your bag. When you go through security the metal clips will set off the scanner and you’ll get a free head massage from a woman named Bertha.
  8. Wear headphones when you’re reading a book because we all know some dickhead is gonna come up to you and be like “hey girl, what’re you reading?” You can be like “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU! SORRY. BYE.”
  9. Did you know that Sephora employees will make you a perfect travel size sample of any perfume in the store FO FREE?! If you do have a big bottle of your favorite scent, Sephora also sells travel size refillable spritzers OR you could just spray the crap out of everything in your suitcase. I did all three of these.

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