Wedding Guest Book DIY

Wedding guest book? Who cares, amIrite?! It’s one of those dumb little wedding things that all weddings have…

I almost nixed the idea of a wedding guest book altogether, until I had a thought… 15-20 years down the line I’m going to be tired on a Friday night, so I’m going to want to relax and reminisce about our perfect day. After tucking our hypothetical children into bed, me and Mr. Blumer open a couple beers and I put on  my wedding dress that miraculously still fits me after popping out 2 kids.  We play our playlist and look at pictures and read… our guest book…. Yep, why else do people even have guest books?!

Now, planning a wedding in the day and age of Pinterest is a great thing. However, sometimes there are too many ideas (have your guests sign a leaf on this painting of a tree? sorry, tree paintings don’t really fit the colorful mid cent mod thing we have going on in our home)… As much as I love to add creativity to our wedding, a traditional guest book seemed like right choice for us, and there are so many options (thanks to places like Etsy). Luckily, going a traditional route means there is still so much potential for it to be a really easy, fun DIY project! I decided to DIY our guest book to give it a somewhat ridiculous, but personal touch…

I started with this guest book.


The possibilities with personalizing this book seem endless, don’t they? You could use watercolors, calligraphy pens, marble with shaving cream, the sky’s the limit! Since I have the body of a 26 year old woman with the mind of a 12 year old girl, I used stickers!



When I showed Joel my finished project he laughed out loud! It looks like something Kimmy Schmidt would make and I’m loving it! What a whimsical twist on something that is otherwise so boring!



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