Going The Distance

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If you read this post, you probably figured out that Joel and I started out in a long distance relationship. It wasn’t easy, distance is always a bitch, but when I hear people say “long distance relationships never work” I roll my eyes and think “uhhhh, really?” we are living proof they totally can work.

I will say, I think it was slightly easier for us in the beginning because we had no other choice. We met when Joel was in San Antonio for 5 days and after that we had to make an effort at dating while living halfway across the country. I had a flexible, well paying job at the time so flying to Pittsburgh every 2 months wasn’t too big of a deal. We talked every single day, but only getting to see the person you love most in the world just a few times a year totally sucks. We were both so happy after 2.5 years to be in the same city!

When my current bosses asked me to move with them to Toledo, OH I felt exactly how I assume Katniss Everdeen felt when she was called up for the second round of The Hunger Games. I had a very “OH NO NOT THIS AGAIN” moment when the subject was first brought up. Joel and I had worked so hard to finally be together and we were engaged and actively planning a wedding, how could we possibly go the distance again? Well, the offer was, how they say, one I simply could not refuse. “Toledo is only 3 and a half hours away from Pittsburgh and it’s temporary” has been my holy mantra for the last 9 months. Plus I love my job and I’m not a pussy.

I will say, having a long distance relationship after you’ve had a sweet glimpse at the good life of being together 24/7 is FREAKING HARD. From July until December, I probably lost so much water weight from all the crying I did. After December, when the end was in sight, being apart got slightly easier. And tomorrow marks the end of Joel and I being long distance ever again.

If I were to shell out some unsolicited advice to anyone else in a LDR (acronym for Long Distance Relationship not Lana Del Rey) it would be to communicate all. the. time. Luckily, we live in the day of the Smart Phone so talking all day everyday is easily done. Be up each other’s iMessage butts.


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