Don’t Wake The Bridezilla

IMG_3338 (1)

Lurking under the surface of even the most calm and collected bride to be, is the dreaded and feared Bridezilla. Sometimes she’ll show her scary red face early on, during the planning, like when the event coordinator at her venue tells her “balloons are strictly forbidden”, she’ll probably scream and cry and possibly use the c-word. It is not necessarily inevitable, but like a certain Robert Louis Stevenson novel, I might not be able to control it. I call it The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Bride.


So far, I can totally envision myself losing my cool over these things:

  • not getting as many RSVPs in the mail even though the deadline is fast approaching. What? You think stamps are free, people? FINE DON’T EVEN COME TO OUR WEDDING… Oh wait… you actually can’t come or are you just saying that now because you think we won’t feed you? Just select “Yes” or “No”, then “Chicken” or “Fish” and send that card on it’s merry little way. KTHANKSBYEEEE.
  • not having an Army of Skanks to help me pee. Seriously, these Spanx aren’t going to pull themselves down…
  • if someone accidentally steps on my dress
  • if I accidentally trip on my dress
  • people not using my wedding hashtag that I’ve been carefully curating over the last year (#TheBlumers on Instagram). Please use it. I have to wait to look at the wedding pictures we’re paying to have taken, so lemme see the free ones, K?





To be perfectly honest, I don’t see myself turning into that much of a Bridezilla. Sure, I’m going to want to boss people around on my Big Day, but I’m usually pretty bossy anyway. Just tell me I look pretty and everyone will be safe. Promise! XOXO

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wake The Bridezilla

  1. This outfit is DOPE and your hair looks beautiful. Are you DIYing anything for the wedding? if so, it would be cool to see a post on it.


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