What To Wear: Spring Wedding

Wedding season is upon us! I think it is anyway, I always hear people say that in the Springtime. I guess Spring is the time to get married! All of the cool kids get married in the Spring.

Wedding guest attire is not quite as important as wedding party attire, but it still matters. What you choose to wear to a wedding as a guest is a way of presenting your best self to honor the Happy Couple who, by the way, is buying you and 100+ other guests a nice dinner. The least you can do is put on a nice dress. I’ve been lucky enough in my life to have been invited to quite a few weddings, and I’ve noticed that no matter what season, there seems to be the same type of repeat offenders… Jeans do not belong at a wedding. THIS IS A CLASSY PLACE, LEAVE YOUR JEANS AT HOME.

My girl Sarah and I had the pleasure of teaming up with Fascino Boutique to pick some dresses that we would wear to a Spring wedding. I immediately loved this bright fuchsia dress, which I paired with a kimono and chunky heels. I think that because I was raised by conservative Catholic parents, I’ll always feel weird about not covering up spaghetti straps at an event. Sarah got her dress with my wedding in mind. She thought that maybe it had too much white, but I quickly convinced her that it was perfect and gave it my official bridal stamp of approval. How gorgeous does she look?!


Here are some more examples of what NOT to wear to a wedding, Springtime or otherwise:

  • jeans, unless you’re at a country wedding and it said jeans were okay on the invitation.
  • shorts of any kind
  • anything too flashy or revealing, it’s not your damn day so don’t take attention away from me the bride.





I have this reoccurring wedding nightmare where my mom shows up wearing a jean maxi skirt and crocs… that’s not exactly the Mother of the Bride look I want her to shoot for. Fingers crossed she reads this post and goes shopping.


Both mine and Other Sarah’s dresses/ c/o Fachino Boutique



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