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Is brunch still cool? It is, right? Trick questions! It’s basically the quintessential cool meal. Whoever said “dinner is the new brunch” was seriously disturbed…

Since I have so much family/friends traveling to Pittsburgh for the first time for this whole wedding thing, I figured I should tell people where to eat, you know- to make sure they don’t end up getting food poisoning from Subway again. Consider the hostess duty of me recommending the best brunch places accomplished! No need to thank me, it’s literally the least I can do.

Now, I have only tried a handful of these places. Trust me, though, I had every intention of having brunch at all of the following, but 1. I have to be able to fit into my wedding dress, and 2. I have a Brunch Blog post deadline to meet, which is right now. Contrary to popular belief, I am not “so into myself” that I don’t hold the opinions of others in high regard; hence why I asked some of my favorite Pittburghers (both transplants and locals alike) to help me compile the Best Brunch List. Let’s dig in!

  1. Kelly O’s Diner– I’ve never been because they’re already closed every time I remember they’re down the street from us, but Annie and Jess approve! They say it’s everything you’d want in a good cheap diner. And just look at how cute it is! Think of the ‘grams, people!
  2. The Vandal– I’m kicking myself for not having been here yet, but once again, Annie loves it. It’s in a very hip part of town, so you know they do a good brunch.
  3. Lili Cafe– It’s actually a coffee shop that serves surprise brunch on Sundays. It’s Vegan/Vegetarian and my friend Sarah named it her favorite. You can always trust a Sarah.
  4. Coca Cafe– Finally, somewhere I’ve been. Two words for you: Avocado Toast.
  5. Kaya– I’ve been here for dinner, but my friend Alisha says their brunch is grrrreat!
  6. Union Pig & Chicken– Jess and I went here when we were really hungover once, and it did not disappoint! All of their drinks are named after famous moments from The Simpsons. I had the “Lisa Shot Mr. Burns” as a little hair of the dog before we gorged ourselves on tasty BBQ.
  7. Social– Here is a direct quote about what Jess has to say about Social: “When challenged with choosing my favorite brunch spot, I found myself scrolling through my mental Rolodex of mediocre dates. Don’t hate me! A girl has to eat, and most of the time doesn’t want to pay. My favorite brunch spot (but if I’m perfectly honest, my general favorite place to get a good breakfast at 2 in the afternoon) is Social at Bakery Square. It allows me to have my bacon and eat it too.”
  8. THE WINNER of the best brunch in all of Pittsburgh is Pamela’s, of course. Not only do all of my friends love Pamela’s, but Obama (you know, the freaking president of the U.S.) loved Pamela’s so much after visiting that he flew the chef to the White House to cook him their famous hotcakes. SO FREAKING GOOD. I already have plans of going to Pamela’s with Joel the morning after our wedding, still wearing my wedding dress, to see if anyone will buy us brunch.


Photo by Jamie Pearson


Thank you to all of my friends who texted me back when I asked them to help me with this list (Annie, Jess, Jamie, Surzy, Lishy)! AND THANKS, OBAMA!


Alternate title for this post: Bitches Who Brunch.

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