Disco Is Dead: Fashion Trends That Should Just Die


Do you consider yourself a “trendy” person when it comes to what you wear? I don’t. I’ve never ever purchased an item of clothing just because it was the cool thing to wear. I dance to the beat of my own fashion drum. My fashion shit does not stink.

Lies! I think everyone has fallen victim to a bad fashion trend at least once. For me, it was definitely shopping at preppy/overpriced mall stores in high school. I needed that Abercombie & Fitch to make me feel good about myself.

Now that I admitted a flaw, I have to talk myself up and say that, with the exception of A&F, I have always been pretty good about avoiding bad trends just because they’re trendy. Do you remember gaucho pants? Yeah, I can proudly say that when all of the girls were walking around with their terrible flowy gaucho pants (all complete with major camel toes) I refused to wear them. And those atrocious heeled sneakers everyone thought were cool a couple of years ago? YEAH, UM, NOPE. Now, culottes are, like, a thing and I wish they would not be. And don’t even get me started on corsets trying to whore their way into being cool….




At 26, I’d venture to say that the fashionable part of my brain matured at around the same time as my pre-frontal cortex, so 21? That’s 5 years of dressing myself without being drunk on society’s influence. Half a decade of pushing myself to be more daring in what I’m wearing. I’m basically an expert clothes picker outer, but I put my bra on one boob at a time just like everyone else.



Sure, I have a style that not everyone is going to agree with. Like if my mom saw me in this ensemble she’d be like “Sarah, I CAN LITERALLY SEE THROUGH YOUR SHIRT AND WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE PANTS?!” But I love my style because it’s mine. I’ll wear what I want when I want because I’m a grown ass woman. Deal with it, mom!



The life of being a trendsetter or follower can be summed up by that one scene in the classic movie, Mean Girls. You know the one where Janice Ian cuts holes in Regina George’s top and Regina just wears it confidently and then the rest of the girls in the school cut nipple holes in their shirts? We should all be the Regina George of our own fashion choices.

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