Something Blue

There are a million four things that every bride is supposed to remember to have on her person at all times during her wedding day: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. If she is seen without her tokens, she will probably drop dead or something. I’m not sure where this strange, superstitious tradition came from so lemme just Google it real quick. BRB.

Oh okay, so I have deduced from my 2 minutes of research that the saying comes from England circa 1898. Something old symbolizes continuity; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something new offers optimism for the future; and something blue represents purity, love, and fidelity.. and then there’s a line about a sixpence in your shoe for good fortune and prosperity. Cool!

So here’s my checklist

  • Something Blue- my blue knock off Valentino Rockstuds… I was going to get real ones via eBay, but then that would have thrown them into the “something old” category because no way could I budget in $1300 brand new ones.
  • Something Old- my hair extensions? I mean, technically I bought them new, but they grew on another person, soooooo…. The concept is only a little bit gross when I think too much about it.
  • Something Borrowed- hmmmm, this one I have not yet figured out. Maybe I’ll need to borrow a bobby pin from someone? LET ME BORROW SOMETHING.
  • Something New- The Spanx I have to wear under my dress will be new.

When my friend got married a few years ago, she realized very last minute that she had forgotten to wear underwear with her wedding dress. It didn’t really matter because she went with the princess-y ballgown style, but long story short she borrowed a pair of old, blue panties from one of the other bridesmaids and killed three birds with one stone. I do not wish to go that route, but I applaud her for her creativity…



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