What’s Your Brand


One of my closest confidants is a three year old who thinks a person’s “brand” pertains only to the smell of his/her farts. I can’t even tell you how many times a day I hear:”Ooooo wee, Sawah, that’s your brand”… Flatulence jokes aside, I think it’s pretty important as a blogger to establish one’s brand (I SAID NO MORE FART JOKES), as in: what is this my particular blog all about and who is my audience.



For me, this is a forum for me to share my thoughts/ideas/life with the People of the Internet. I do that AND I take hella cute outfit pictures because you gotta give the People something to look at (for admiration or jealousy purposes, naturally). This is a pretty important time in my life, I’m getting married in 2 months and getting to travel a lot and I just want to remember everything, all the feels, fashions, and farts (needed to keep the alliteration going). I want to document everything.


So here it is, my “brand” in a nutshell:

This blog is part parody part real me. I’m not that big of a narcissist, but I’m enough of one to start a blog about myself and people seem to be responding to it so that’s a thing. I’m writing this for anyone with a weird enough sense of humor to “get it” and family members who want to know what’s going on in my life (hi, mom!). I’m not trying to be like any other blogger, but I’m not actively trying not to either. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING FASHION BLOG, mostly because I am just not cool enough for that. I’m just being myself, okay?! My goal is to one day make this a blog by women for women where I invite some of my favorite ladies to write whatever is on their mind, but for now it’s just me, and I’m totally okay with that. Again, totally not a narcissist…

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