It’s A Colorful Life

Last night, I took a 15 question “About Me” survey for my friend to use as a “How Well Do You Know Sarah” game for my bridal shower this coming weekend (more on that later) and it was kinda difficult. If you want to get to know yourself a little better, might I suggest taking your own Bridal Shower Survey? Anyway, I’ve just never been good at picking my favorite things, especially sticking to one favorite color. Even when I was a kid and there were the Team Blues and Team Yellows running around at recess, I could never decide which one to join. “I LOVE ALL OF THE COLORS EQUALLY” I’d shout right before getting punched in the gut for being too artsy for Catholic School.




I’m getting married in 2 months (+ 1 week) and when people ask me what my “color theme” is for the wedding, my answer is “ALL THE COLORS”. I don’t necessarily want it to be like that one Snapchat filter where you can make it look like you’re puking a rainbow, but colorful nonetheless. Life is too short to not live colorfully.

Oh, but if you’re coming to my bridal shower, the “official” answer I gave for my favorite color is pink… SHHHHH… you didn’t hear that from me.

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