French AF

Most of the kids in my high school made the “practical” decision when it came down to picking a foreign language to learn and chose Spanish. I, however, had a private school education and 6 years of Spanish (all of which I had already forgotten) under my belt and went a different route. French was calling to me “Voulez vous coucher avec moi, Sarah”.


I took four years of French and was in French club. My French teacher for all four years was by far my favorite teacher, like, ever. Yet for some reason I always have this nightmare that I can’t graduate high school because I can’t pass French. Sacré bleu! Zut alors!





I’ve always been pretty infatuated with all things French. So when Joel surprised me by beginning and ending our honeymoon in Paris, I was extra happy to marry the crap outta him. I can’t wait to breathe French air. But wait, my nightmare…. it’s back.


I downloaded some “French for Beginners” podcasts to listen to and was immediately put at ease when the first episode spent almost the entire 9 minutes teaching me how to pronounce “croissant” with a French accent. “un croissant, S’il vous plaît“, or “one croissant, please” sounds like “uhhhh kwa sohn seal vu play“. If my French fails us, at least I’ll be totally nailing looking the part of “une mademoiselle”. Stripes, tulle, Louboutins, pussy bows, blush pink, love for Gérard Depardiea, and my bitchy attitude toward strangers should help me blend with the locals, oui ou non?  Je ne sais pas.


Up next, we see how far we get in Italy with my one semester of college Italian. Ciao, Bella!

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