Buy Us Brunch

Is brunch still cool? It is, right? Trick questions! It's basically the quintessential cool meal. Whoever said "dinner is the new brunch" was seriously disturbed... Since I have so much family/friends traveling to Pittsburgh for the first time for this whole wedding thing, I figured I should tell people where to eat, you know- to [...]

Bridal Shower

I've been to two bridal showers in my life and they were both, well, pretty GD boring (more like bridull shower, amIright?!). I remember the most exciting part of my cousin's shower was when she unwrapped a Dutch Oven and I immaturely cry-laughed for a solid 5 minutes. Her Vegas themed baby shower, complete with [...]

Something Blue

There are a million four things that every bride is supposed to remember to have on her person at all times during her wedding day: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. If she is seen without her tokens, she will probably drop dead or something. I'm not sure where this strange, superstitious [...]

What’s Your Brand

One of my closest confidants is a three year old who thinks a person's "brand" pertains only to the smell of his/her farts. I can't even tell you how many times a day I hear:"Ooooo wee, Sawah, that's your brand"... Flatulence jokes aside, I think it's pretty important as a blogger to establish one's brand [...]