Pastel Yeah!

Hey, everybody! Come see how good I look!





Dress/SheIn Coat/JOA

I feel like I’ve discovered a hidden gem of a fashion secret: pastels are universally flattering. Yep, there ya go, universe. Don’t say I never taught you anything… Oh wait, that’s “common knowledge”? SHUT UP, UNIVERSE, WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW?!

I wore this dove grey dress + blush pink feather jacket on a Valentine’s date with my future “baby dad” and thought it was such a fun combo, I’d have to take it out for a daytime spin so I could have documentation that I don’t always dress like a slob. I was, technically, supposed to “save” this jacket for our trip to Paris in a few months, but it’s a jacket not my virginity so I got it drunk and gave it a whirl. We (me and the jacket) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I’m totally going to call her again.

As for plunging necklines, I’m no longer afraid of them like I was when JLo wore her infamous green Versace in ’99, remember that?

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