Oh, Snap!


I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with Snapchat. I’m definitely not new to the Snap game, I’ve had an account for a longggg time because it was one of the ways I would show Joel glimpses of my glamorous life while I still lived in Texas. However, I deleted the app when I made the move to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago because I didn’t think I’d use it anymore. When I brought Snapchat back down from The Cloud, my coworkers at the time said I just had to, the app had stepped it up a notch. With hilarious filters to make your 2 second double chin look classy as hell, Snapchat is an all around win.



I love Snapchat because it’s, in my humble opinion, the most personal form of social media. I love getting videos of my friends and family being idiots. Plus, you can get to know a stranger better than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook because you’re getting a little look into a person’s real life at any given moment. Also, there’s something totally humanizing about hearing a person’s voice. Lady Gaga has an account and I feel like I totally know her now because I got to watch her get her David Bowie tattoo.

If you don’t already have the app go get it and follow me as I get tipsy and show off my wine stained lips then dance with my future husband! Snapchat username: SayNiHay


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