“Happy Valentimes”

I love it when people say “Valentine’s Day is a superficial holiday” like that’s a bad thing. From one superficial girl to another, I gotta say I love this holiday. A day dedicated to hearts, pink, chocolate, flowers, and love?! Yeah, I can get behind that.  ALL PINK ERRYTHANG. How could anyone hate on a holiday that involves something like this?

When Joel and I first started dating, we had a V-Day contest to see who could get the other the cheesiest gift. Joel gave me a chocolate bar shaped like Han Solo frozen in carbonite and I bought him his very own star in the sky. It was a toss up on who won. This year, I gave him the gift of a clean kitchen and he got me the tennis shoes I’ve been wanting to get for our Eurotrip in a few months. Our love knows no bounds.

Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your cat, or just yourself this year, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo, S



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