Premarital Homework

I know what you’re thinking “Ugh, homework on a weekend? Gross”, but as a self proclaimed nerd, you can bet your bottom dollar that I love homework.

Even though I consider myself to be a pretty spontaneous person (I have several tattoos that I got just because “eh, not doing anything else today”) I am not taking this whole marriage thing lightly. Yes, Joel and I are madly in love, but at 28 and 26 years old (respectively) and living in 2016 with working brains, we know that being “in love” is not a good enough reason to get hitched. I’m totally “doing my homework” when it comes to marriage.

Not only are we taking counseling with one of our church’s pastor, but I’m really reading into this whole marriage thingymajig. “Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Married” by Gary Chapman, “Marriage, A History” by Stephanie Coontz, and “Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert are a few books that I’d wholeheartedly recommend to couples who’re about to tie the knot.

Every time I read something new on the topic of marriage, I get more and more excited to marry Joel. He’s my best friend and soul mate as disgustingly cheesy as that sounds. We are not perfect people (tricked you-I’m actually not perfect!), but we make each other better. I love us.

Sure, planning a wedding and honeymoon is titillating AF, but I’m looking forward to what comes after even more.


2 thoughts on “Premarital Homework

  1. I can totally appreciate this post! I commend you for doing so much reading on the subj. I got some great advice right after getting married by my eyebrow lady at the time who said “know your husbands love language and don’t forget to remind him of yours.” She said she got it from a book (that I lied and said I would read but totally haven’t yet) and it has just stuck with me. Its just about not forgetting what makes them really happy and feel loved, doing those little things for them consistently (not just on special occasions….also- why does this sound so sexual? did not mean for it to be!) and also reminding them of what your love language is- what makes you feel most loved and giving them the opportunity to do those things. It’s all ’bout that keeping that spark alive, I guess!

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    1. Yes, Bianca! There is an actual “Love Language” survey that you can take online that was surprisingly helpful for us. I was like “ohhhh you like it when I do the dishes, okay I can do the dishes more often!”


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