I’m With The Band Tee


When I was in 8th grade, a boy named Trino used to follow me around and call me a poseur. I’d be taking a pee break from Home Ec class and I’d hear his prepubescent voice yelling at me from down the hallway. “Sarah’s a poseur” he’d poke his head out of his classroom door to say, even if it landed him in detention. My only come back was “ummmm your name is Trino….”, but Trino had a point, I mean, what 13 year old isn’t kind of a poseur? I like to think I was more just trying to find myself fashion wise. For me, that meant wearing skater shoes even though actual skate boards terrified me. If Trino could see me now…

I’ve taken being a poseur to a whole new level. I love this level of poseurism because I have ceased to care what anyone else thinks about my fashion choices.

All of that being said, you probably noticed the sweet Metallica shirt I was wearing in that first picture before you scrolled down to all of these words, huh? Well, guess what? I have never, not once in my 26 years of life on this earth, listened to Metallica. F**K METALLICA. Yeah, I said it…



I definitely have a thing for band tees. They’re the perfect graphic to spice up a tee shirt and I have started myself a nice little collection. From true vintage to looks-like-vintage-but-isn’t, I just can’t get enough. And I’m “so sorry” if the Metallica ones look the coolest! I’ll stop wearing Metallica shirts as soon as I start listening to Metallica: NEVER. I snagged this tee from one of my favorite vintage shops in all of Pittsburgh, Highway Robbery Vintage.





Ah, The Grateful Dead. My old boss was a Dead Head, which means he smoked hella weed and followed the band around. Sorry Jerry Garcia, but seeing as how I only know one of your songs (Touch of Grey), it’s safe to say that I prefer the Ben&Jerry’s version of your band. Love you on a tee though! Chaser Brand makes my favorite “vintage inspired” band tee, because hey, sometimes the real deal isn’t easy on the wallet.



Aha! Who’s the poseur now, Trino?! I actually love Styx. This shirt was another find from Highway Robbery.




ACDC rules! It took me years to realize that the lyrics to “Dirty Deeds” were “done dirt cheap” and not “dunder sheep”. ACDC is all over my iTunes library as well as our wedding playlist. So suck it, Trino, I did the math and I’m only half a poseur. This tee was found at Modcloth.

If you take anything away from this post, I hope it’s this: All band tees, no matter which band, look really great with a pair of wrinkly high waist pants.


One thought on “I’m With The Band Tee

  1. Absolutely a huge fan of each and every one of these. Wear what you want, right?! You like the album art but not the album. So what? You make Metallica look good.

    But still. Ride the Lightning is a pretty good album. You know, if you’re into metal and all.


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