Easy Peasy Balloon Wall


One thing that I consider a must have at the parties we host is a fun backdrop for photos, and we just so happen to have the perfect wall in our dining room for such a thing! My favorite material to use for a backdrop wall is balloons (as seen here) because you could literally do anything with them. I mean, you could literally do anything with literally anything, but balloons have a way of saying “hey, me and my lungs actually kind put some effort into this”. Besides the whole blowing up a million balloons and having to tie them thing, which is really more time consuming than difficult unless you’re an asthmatic smoker, this is ridiculously easy (hence the title of this post).

You will need:

  • balloons 
  • masking tape
  • lungs (at least 2)
  • friends who like to blow
  • patience

First you’ll need to blow up your balloons. I recommend having some friends over to drink because they’ll be tricked by beer into thinking they’re having fun. If you’re like me, you’re fine with the blowing part, but tying can be difficult for sausage finger having individuals, so have a loved one help you with that. Then you’ll need patience because drunk people will think it’s fun to use their pocket knives to pop a fair amount of the balloons you just blew up. Next, leave the balloons on the floor over night because you’re tired. In the morning, tape the balloons to the wall in the general shape of a heart and then go watch some HGTV because you’re done!



Here is a helpful tip for making a balloon wall: Sweep your floor before you blow up the balloons and leave them overnight, otherwise dirt will stick to them and it’ll be gross.

I think this wall looks adorable and I put so little effort into it! Imagine if i’d actually tried: the heart wouldn’t be crooked and all of the balloons might be the same size!




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