Pastel Yeah!

Hey, everybody! Come see how good I look!





Dress/SheIn Coat/JOA

I feel like I’ve discovered a hidden gem of a fashion secret: pastels are universally flattering. Yep, there ya go, universe. Don’t say I never taught you anything… Oh wait, that’s “common knowledge”? SHUT UP, UNIVERSE, WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW?!

I wore this dove grey dress + blush pink feather jacket on a Valentine’s date with my future “baby dad” and thought it was such a fun combo, I’d have to take it out for a daytime spin so I could have documentation that I don’t always dress like a slob. I was, technically, supposed to “save” this jacket for our trip to Paris in a few months, but it’s a jacket not my virginity so I got it drunk and gave it a whirl. We (me and the jacket) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I’m totally going to call her again.

As for plunging necklines, I’m no longer afraid of them like I was when JLo wore her infamous green Versace in ’99, remember that?

Oh, Snap!


I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with Snapchat. I’m definitely not new to the Snap game, I’ve had an account for a longggg time because it was one of the ways I would show Joel glimpses of my glamorous life while I still lived in Texas. However, I deleted the app when I made the move to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago because I didn’t think I’d use it anymore. When I brought Snapchat back down from The Cloud, my coworkers at the time said I just had to, the app had stepped it up a notch. With hilarious filters to make your 2 second double chin look classy as hell, Snapchat is an all around win.



I love Snapchat because it’s, in my humble opinion, the most personal form of social media. I love getting videos of my friends and family being idiots. Plus, you can get to know a stranger better than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook because you’re getting a little look into a person’s real life at any given moment. Also, there’s something totally humanizing about hearing a person’s voice. Lady Gaga has an account and I feel like I totally know her now because I got to watch her get her David Bowie tattoo.

If you don’t already have the app go get it and follow me as I get tipsy and show off my wine stained lips then dance with my future husband! Snapchat username: SayNiHay


Spring Dreamer

You  know how you can be in a bad mood, but if you smile enough, just the act of smiling can turn your mood around? By turning that frown upside down, you can actually trick your brain into being happy. It’s totally a thing. Look it up. Sometimes I like to use that mentality to attempt to change the weather. Like, maybe if I dress like it’s springtime, I can fool myself into not being so fucking cold when I go outside.




Around this time a year or two ago, I was in NYC with Joel visiting friends and I only packed cute Spring dresses, a pair or two of leggings, and no coat. It was 15 degrees. I basically would have died if my friend, Andy, hadn’t literally given me the coat off of his back for the entire weekend.

I’m not sure if you can tell by the photos in this post, but I was turning blue being outside in the snow with just my new Chicwish dress on. Moral of the story is you cannot, however hard you try, change the weather. You can only bundle the hell up and think warm thoughts and wait for Spring to show her beautiful dumb face.




“Happy Valentimes”

I love it when people say “Valentine’s Day is a superficial holiday” like that’s a bad thing. From one superficial girl to another, I gotta say I love this holiday. A day dedicated to hearts, pink, chocolate, flowers, and love?! Yeah, I can get behind that.  ALL PINK ERRYTHANG. How could anyone hate on a holiday that involves something like this?

When Joel and I first started dating, we had a V-Day contest to see who could get the other the cheesiest gift. Joel gave me a chocolate bar shaped like Han Solo frozen in carbonite and I bought him his very own star in the sky. It was a toss up on who won. This year, I gave him the gift of a clean kitchen and he got me the tennis shoes I’ve been wanting to get for our Eurotrip in a few months. Our love knows no bounds.

Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your cat, or just yourself this year, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo, S



Premarital Homework

I know what you’re thinking “Ugh, homework on a weekend? Gross”, but as a self proclaimed nerd, you can bet your bottom dollar that I love homework.

Even though I consider myself to be a pretty spontaneous person (I have several tattoos that I got just because “eh, not doing anything else today”) I am not taking this whole marriage thing lightly. Yes, Joel and I are madly in love, but at 28 and 26 years old (respectively) and living in 2016 with working brains, we know that being “in love” is not a good enough reason to get hitched. I’m totally “doing my homework” when it comes to marriage.

Not only are we taking counseling with one of our church’s pastor, but I’m really reading into this whole marriage thingymajig. “Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Married” by Gary Chapman, “Marriage, A History” by Stephanie Coontz, and “Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert are a few books that I’d wholeheartedly recommend to couples who’re about to tie the knot.

Every time I read something new on the topic of marriage, I get more and more excited to marry Joel. He’s my best friend and soul mate as disgustingly cheesy as that sounds. We are not perfect people (tricked you-I’m actually not perfect!), but we make each other better. I love us.

Sure, planning a wedding and honeymoon is titillating AF, but I’m looking forward to what comes after even more.


I’m With The Band Tee


When I was in 8th grade, a boy named Trino used to follow me around and call me a poseur. I’d be taking a pee break from Home Ec class and I’d hear his prepubescent voice yelling at me from down the hallway. “Sarah’s a poseur” he’d poke his head out of his classroom door to say, even if it landed him in detention. My only come back was “ummmm your name is Trino….”, but Trino had a point, I mean, what 13 year old isn’t kind of a poseur? I like to think I was more just trying to find myself fashion wise. For me, that meant wearing skater shoes even though actual skate boards terrified me. If Trino could see me now…

I’ve taken being a poseur to a whole new level. I love this level of poseurism because I have ceased to care what anyone else thinks about my fashion choices.

All of that being said, you probably noticed the sweet Metallica shirt I was wearing in that first picture before you scrolled down to all of these words, huh? Well, guess what? I have never, not once in my 26 years of life on this earth, listened to Metallica. F**K METALLICA. Yeah, I said it…



I definitely have a thing for band tees. They’re the perfect graphic to spice up a tee shirt and I have started myself a nice little collection. From true vintage to looks-like-vintage-but-isn’t, I just can’t get enough. And I’m “so sorry” if the Metallica ones look the coolest! I’ll stop wearing Metallica shirts as soon as I start listening to Metallica: NEVER. I snagged this tee from one of my favorite vintage shops in all of Pittsburgh, Highway Robbery Vintage.





Ah, The Grateful Dead. My old boss was a Dead Head, which means he smoked hella weed and followed the band around. Sorry Jerry Garcia, but seeing as how I only know one of your songs (Touch of Grey), it’s safe to say that I prefer the Ben&Jerry’s version of your band. Love you on a tee though! Chaser Brand makes my favorite “vintage inspired” band tee, because hey, sometimes the real deal isn’t easy on the wallet.



Aha! Who’s the poseur now, Trino?! I actually love Styx. This shirt was another find from Highway Robbery.




ACDC rules! It took me years to realize that the lyrics to “Dirty Deeds” were “done dirt cheap” and not “dunder sheep”. ACDC is all over my iTunes library as well as our wedding playlist. So suck it, Trino, I did the math and I’m only half a poseur. This tee was found at Modcloth.

If you take anything away from this post, I hope it’s this: All band tees, no matter which band, look really great with a pair of wrinkly high waist pants.


Easy Peasy Balloon Wall


One thing that I consider a must have at the parties we host is a fun backdrop for photos, and we just so happen to have the perfect wall in our dining room for such a thing! My favorite material to use for a backdrop wall is balloons (as seen here) because you could literally do anything with them. I mean, you could literally do anything with literally anything, but balloons have a way of saying “hey, me and my lungs actually kind put some effort into this”. Besides the whole blowing up a million balloons and having to tie them thing, which is really more time consuming than difficult unless you’re an asthmatic smoker, this is ridiculously easy (hence the title of this post).

You will need:

  • balloons 
  • masking tape
  • lungs (at least 2)
  • friends who like to blow
  • patience

First you’ll need to blow up your balloons. I recommend having some friends over to drink because they’ll be tricked by beer into thinking they’re having fun. If you’re like me, you’re fine with the blowing part, but tying can be difficult for sausage finger having individuals, so have a loved one help you with that. Then you’ll need patience because drunk people will think it’s fun to use their pocket knives to pop a fair amount of the balloons you just blew up. Next, leave the balloons on the floor over night because you’re tired. In the morning, tape the balloons to the wall in the general shape of a heart and then go watch some HGTV because you’re done!



Here is a helpful tip for making a balloon wall: Sweep your floor before you blow up the balloons and leave them overnight, otherwise dirt will stick to them and it’ll be gross.

I think this wall looks adorable and I put so little effort into it! Imagine if i’d actually tried: the heart wouldn’t be crooked and all of the balloons might be the same size!