The Honeymooners


Honeymoon planning is in full swing and WE ARE SO EXCITED because we’re going on a… Eurotrip! Joel’s never been to Europe (I’ve totally been to Europe, okay) so he is marginally more excited than me, but we are both through the roof elated. Because Joel is smarter than the average person and really good at saving up airline miles, he was able to score us round trip tickets to/from Paris for $400. That’s four-hundred dollars (US) TOTAL for both of us to get to and from Paris, France. Let that sink in a minute.

Okay now that you have picked yourself up off of the floor you just fell onto, let’s talk honeymoon… We all know why most couples choose easy, relaxing, tropical locations for their honeymoon (nudge nudge bow chicka bow wow) and let me just say, I totally get it. Initially, I wanted to go to the Virgin Islands just so I could make this joke: “more like not-so-Virgin Islands, amIright?!” but I was convinced by my beloved that we should think outside the honeymoon box, i.e. Europe, because 1) YOLO and 2) we’ll be on our honeymoon, but we’re going to have to come up for air on occasion and why not make that part be exploring amazing places. Plus, we are going to the Dominican Republic three weeks before our wedding for our friends’ wedding, so WE ALL WIN.

Here are our plans so far:

First stop Paris (oui oui mon cheri)- we’ll be spending one night in Paris at the beginning of our trip, then three nights at the end. Quelle romantique.


Next stop Stuttgart, Gemany (AHHHH, MOTHERLAND!)- We both want to go to Germany because we are both so German, but I think Joel picked Stuttgart because it’s the home of Porshe and Mercedes and all other German engineered vehicles. They also have one of the best libraries in the world. And castles. They have castles.

After Stuttgart we’re hopping on a midnight train to Georgia Munich, where we will get hammered at the original Hofbrauhaus and soak up each other’s awesomeness.

Next we will high-tail it out of Deutschland, and make a break for Italy. I’d venture to say that this is the part of our trip that I am most excited for! I love everything about Italian culture: the food, the people, the accent, the traditions; SWOON! We’re going to begin our Italian extravaganza in The City Of Love, Venice.

So the next part is where we haven’t exactly settled on a place. I’d love to hit up Burano because it is so beautiful and is known as one of the most colorful cities in the world, not to mention it is so close to Venice. We are torn between Verona and Milan as our next place to rest our pretty little heads, but I think my inner fashionista will trump my inner Shakespearean nerd.


Then we’ll pick one of the towns that make up beautiful Cinque Terre. Holy crap, I’m getting so pumped just writing all of this down and looking at these pictures!

Au Revoir, Italy! The Blumers are heading back to France! Nice and Monaco to be exact.. I think this is the part of our trip that my future husband is most excited for because we’ll be in the South of France at the same time as the Monaco Grand Prix. I can’t wait to rub elbows with some of the world’s elite crowd! We plan on getting invited onto at least one yacht.

And then back to Paris.

Joel and I agreed that he would learn some Italian and I would brush up on my French and we’re just assuming that everyone in Germany speaks English. I think I’ll be an overachiever and learn some Italian too. We are now taking any recommendations that anyone has for these amazing places, so if you’ve been let us know what you think we should see/eat/drink/do.

*all pictures found on Pinterest (I’m too lazy to find all of the specific links, please don’t sue me)

24 thoughts on “The Honeymooners

  1. Sounds amazing! I’m getting married this year in Iceland, but yet to decide on a honeymoon destination. I feel sure i’ll end up doing something similar though, beaches aren’t really for me 🙂
    Have fun! I would love to go to Munich and Venice!


  2. Hey, Sarah! You’re hilarious and I love your blog. V jealous of your honeymoon picks. I have a question for you: I’m considering moving to Pittsburgh (so that my BF and I can be closer to family) but I have NO IDEA which neighborhoods to consider having spent very little time in the Burgh. We’re moving from Philly where we love the walkability, culture, vegan food and big city vibe. Any advice? A Pittsburgh travel guide/love letter would make a cool blog post… 😉


    1. Hi Katrina! As a transplant to Pittsburgh myself, I highly recommend moving here as it is such a great city! Some good neighborhoods for living are lawrenceville, shadyside, morning side, highland park, friendship, and Bloomfield (just to name a few). I’ve actually been working on a Pittsburgh travel guide 😉 thank you so much for reading! Xoxo


  3. Check out Bridget and her family stayed in some amazing towns in Cinque Terra when her husband was on sabbatical!


  4. Be careful about assuming that all Germans speak English. I was in Chemnitz Germany, (mid-south eastern Germany) and very few people spoke English…Needless to say asking what time is it became a game of charades.


      1. Hi Sarah,
        no worries, in Stuttgart and Munich almost everyone does speak German. Chemnitz is located in the former GDR and most people there didn’t learn English but Russian and people only started learning English after the fall of the Berlin wall… but you won’t have any language problems in Stuttgart and Munich.

        I am actually from Munich and I would recommend to not only go to the Hofbräuhaus but also other Munich breweries. Most people from Munich would never go to the Hofbräuhaus (I’ve never been…) and while I understand the appeal for American tourists I would say: Don’t JUSTgo there!! The favourite beer of most people I know is “Augustiner” so I definitely would recommend going to one of the Augustiner pubs/breweries, as well and try it out! Chances are that there won’t be only tourists there, as well 🙂

        Depending on how many days you will stay in Munich there are a lot of things, you could do. If you’re interested let me know how long you will be there and I can give you some recommendations on what to do and see and eat 🙂


      2. Hi Tabea! Thank you so much! We will be in Munich for two days I think. I’d be happy to take recommendations for anything, eating/drinking/shopping, just shoot me an email 🙂


      3. Stuttgart and Munich especially is FINE! trust me I have visited lots and “sprechen ze English” just works. If you fancy Austria (salzburg, sound of music) its only a 30 euro train ticket and a 2 hour journey away. Definitely worth visiting even just for a day OR stay longer and visit the lake districts (wolfgangsee). Stunning. St Gilgen is where i live and its gorgeous, 30 min away from Salzburg.


  5. How are you guys able to do a honeymoon like this? I would love to do something like this. Any tips, ticks, advice? Are you guys funding it yourselves? I would love to know how you guys are doing it. Congratulations!


    1. Thank you, Brittany! So we really lucked out… not only have we been saving and scrounging all of our pennies, but Joel earned a shitload of airline miles and we were able to use those to pay for almost the entire amount of our round trip flights, which was a HUGE help! In lieu of a traditional wedding registry, we signed up for a honeyfund account because we have all of the things we could possibly need in our home. One really good tip for traveling abroad would be to use Airbnb instead of hotels because it is significantly cheaper! 🙂


      1. Thank you for replying to my comment and letting me know some tips so I can hopefully someday do a trip similar to yours in the future! I just stayed at my first Airbnb last weekend for my birthday and loved it, so I am happy to see that you are making use of it for your honeymoon! I am hoping you will share all the details and pictures of your wedding and honeymoon on your blog! 🙂


  6. hey Sarah I am just here stalking your blog and I saw this post! awesome itinerary. just wanna say I’ve been to Venice and BURANO was the best part. You have to go!! It’s like a 25 minute boat ride from Venice. xoxo


  7. I found your blog through your Insta and it’s crazy because I am also getting married on May 14 and going on a European honeymoon!! Haha. Our wedding is in MD, though my fiancé is from Pittsburgh!!! 🙂

    Just wanted to share cause your Insta is super fun and I love following along!!


    1. Hi Nikki! Woah small world! Where in Europe are you guys going?! Maybe we’ll see each other! And congratulations!!!! Only one more week!!!


      1. Hi Sarah,

        firstly: Congrats on your wedding 🙂
        Secondly: sorry, for my super late reply, but here they are: my inside tips for beautiful Munich:

        I know that most Americans want to go to Hofbräuhaus for beer and you can totally do that, but if you want something not as touristy (I would never go to the Hofbräuhaus) you should also try one of the other beer halls. My favourite favourite favourite beer in the whole wide world is Augustiner and I would totally recommend that you check out the “Augustiner am Dom”, which is just lovely and you get the not-so-touristy beer hall experience there (and the beer is better!!):
        If you are into meat: Eat a “Schweinshaxen” there. It. is. so. good!!

        If you also want to check out some cool shops (e.g.: and bars the Gärtnerplatz-area is the place to go. I especially like:
        Holy Home:
        Netzer und Overath:

        Another of my favourite bar is Favorit Bar, which is located even closer to the city centre:
        Schall und Rauch ( in the university area is also very nice (generally, the university are Maxvorstadt/Schwabing) has a lot of nice bars and shops, as well!

        If the weather is nice (it is non stop raining atm) you should definitely go to the “Englischer Garten” which is a huge park in the middle of Munich (right next to the university) and you can just wander around there or have a picnic and you should also go and see the surfers on the “Eisbach”, as that is really, reaylly cool!
        You could also go to one of the many, many beer gardens if the weather is nice. You can bring your own food and just have to buy drinks, but you can also buy food there. The most famous one is probably the Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm in the English garden, but I especially like the Augustiner Biergarten (again: my favourite beer!!) which is close to the main station:

        This is all I have for now. Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your honeymoon!!!



  8. I also just realised that I already talked at length about Hofbräuhaus and Augustiner in my first comment and I apologise for that… I get excited very easily when it’s about beer 😉


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