Registry 101


Joel and I are NOT registering anywhere for wedding gifts. We have a house that we completely renovated and furnished. We are in no need of a new toaster or  a blender. Not only do we not really need anything, but this method will hopefully make it a lot easier on our out of town guests, because who wants to have to check a mid century modern desk?! Not registering for gifts is the polite way of saying “we just want cash”. I wish we could register at a bank…

All that being said, I did decide to do a registry for my upcoming bridal shower. When I say “I decided” I mean that my wedding coordinator/planner/future mother-in-law suggested it and I do whatever she tells me to (not because she is my wedding coordinator/planner/future mother-in-law, but because her ideas are the best). I went to the happiest place on earth, Target, to do so. So far on my list of things I want: 5 different fluffy decorative pillows, 3 lamps, a box of Cap’N Crunch Berries, 2 Geodes, and 1 Lego Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

And that’s reason number two Joel and I are not registering for our wedding… we will end up with a house full of really stupid shit and cereal.

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