It’s A Sarah Thing

SarahStyle12152015 - 8

When Beyoncé asked us all the rhetorical question of “who runs the world?” I think the answer she wanted was a little more specific than just “girls”. I’m pretty sure what Bey was trying to say was “girls…. named Sarah“. WE RUN THIS MOTHER.

SarahStyle12152015 - 4

SarahStyle12152015 - 10

I really can’t speak for any of the Allisons, Margarets, or Suzies of the world, because my name has only ever been Sarah, but I think that all of the Sarahs (and even Saras) out there feel a weirdly powerful solidarity with each other. It’s like Girl Power on methamphetamine. I mean, have you ever met a Sarah you didn’t just love?! Here are five of my favorite Sarahs:

  1. Sarah Wissinger -this Sarah, or Surzy as I like to call her, is in the pictures in this post with me. She is a DIY blogger with the prettiest resting bitch face I have ever seen. I’m so glad that once I found out she too lived in Pittsburgh I creepily asked her to hang out. She’s one of the only people who isn’t afraid to tell me to shut up, which scares me, but I like it at the same time.
  2. Sarah Lapp- Ohhhhh My God. This Sarah is my Internet twin. She is the CEO of Daisy Natives and she has the best snapchat stories I have ever seen!
  3. Sara Longsworth–  She technically spells her name wrong, but I don’t care because she is freaking adorable. Sara’s Instagram is filled with amazing murals and cute cat pictures and it makes me feel all the feels.
  4. Sarah Rhodes– I want every single print in Sarah’s online print shop. This chick is talented AF.
  5. Sara Tramp– another Sarah sans H, but we’re making another exception because, well, it’s a Sarah thing to do.

The first Sarah and I plan on having many many “Sarah Style” blog posts in the future, unfortunately almost all of our pictures came out blurry this time around.

Whether your parents named you Sarah because their friends had stolen their number one name pick (Amanda?), or because you were concieved to the Hall and Oates song “Sarah Smiles”, or because they wanted something strong and biblical  for their 3rd born (talkin’ to you, mom) know that you are loved by all Sarahs, but especially this Sarah.We are freaking princesses.  XOXO.

SarahStyle12152015 - 5


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