How To Take Original Engagement Photos

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When I see engagement photo shoot ideas on Pinterest I want to vomit. And not the good kind of vomit that happens when you get overwhelmed because you’re looking at something disgustingly cute. The bad kind of vomit… like when you’re sick. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, I use it constantly for  inspiration; but sometimes I feel like the engagement section is a dark place where creativity goes to die and basic bitches thrive.

I love our engagement photos. Not to toot my own horn, but the locations, outfit changes, and poses were all my very own original ideas. Plus, I remember being extremely hungover… and we still managed to look madly in love. Anyway (ugh, TOOT TOOT) I think these ideas will come in handy to those of you out there who think that holding a sign that says “I SAID YES” or “he stole my heart so I’m stealing his last name” is dumb.

  1. You gotta have at least one picture where you’re giving your best bedroom eyes. See? Just do what I’m doing here:

Engagement20151130 - 19

2. Go somewhere interesting. We went to a carousel, which I think gives hella Parisian vibes. “Will I be your wife? Oui, oui!”

Engagement20151130 - 4

3. Eat food, but don’t really eat it, use it as a cool prop. I really like how Joel’s face says “I love you, but bitch, if you eat that donut imma have to rethink this whole situation”

Engagement20151130 - 18

4. Strip down. Or don’t. My bathing suit in the fountain idea would have been better if I had stuck to Whole 30 and/or had a tan. It works in theory, though, so you’re welcome.

Engagement20151130 - 17

5. Be candid. Do you think I showed my weird lumpy butt on purpose? Nope.

Engagement20151130 - 15

6. Get symmetrical. If Wes Anderson taught me anything it’s that symmetry plus a wide shot equals beautiful.

Engagement20151130 - 11

7. Have a fluffer. Not like the kind in porn, but someone who can fluff your hair out to make you look like a cartoon princess.

Engagement20151130 - 13

8. Get a little touchy feely and make it funny and cute, because you’re about to get married and you don’t want anyone to think you’re a-sexual.

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9. If you do one of these poses, be sure to shave your armpits.

Engagement20151130 - 10

10. Stage a coffee date. See those cups? totes empty.

Engagement20151130 - 22

11. Stare at each other. “You’re going to be waking up to this face FOREVER!” #blessed

Engagement20151130 - 21


Would it be redundant to say that if you’re taking engagement pictures, you should just have fun? Also… is it ironic that I’m telling you how to take engagement pictures while the title of the post is about being original? These are both rhetorical questions.


Photography by Jamie Pearson

10 thoughts on “How To Take Original Engagement Photos

  1. “but sometimes I feel like the engagement section is a dark place where creativity goes to die and basic bitches thrive.”
    ….i hope this isnt too forward, seeing as how youre getting married soon and i dont even know you BUT i think i love you.
    you are so freaking highlarious its not even funny!

    the things that you say!!!!
    i love it!


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